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Thread: post your pic........again...... lol

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    Danny, that was the BEST impersonation of the word "Duuh..." I've seen today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrome View Post
    Yeah, it seems I just might need to do so... That's some fine competition!
    Jeez, thanks guys

    I'll make sure these compliments reach her ears

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    Quote Originally Posted by War Griffon View Post
    Gearhead, what model was she?
    I can't see much of her from the photo.

    She's a C-1 Trader. A lovely old thing, but come to find out she's a real maintenance hog. Plus, I'd prefer something with a bit more range, so I went back to dreaming about that PBY that I'll never be able to afford (or learn to fly, for that matter.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyBoy2k View Post
    I wonder if Steelcult and I have the same barber...

    Instead of posting an over-sized pic, I'll do THIS, and let folks go look for themselves if they want.
    Mines genetic on top and a desire to not give a crap on the sides - :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gearhead View Post

    I live in the flight path of the local airport and we are a hub for borate operations and these planes are often used. They changed the engines on them because I used to know if there was a fire here in north and central California without even looking because those birds sounded like huge flying Harleys. HOO RAAA!!!
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    These were taken about a year ago... not much has changed since except I haven't been back to Cuba

    jahminis: great photos! It's always interesting to see what other interests our fellow painters may have...

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    nsa no need to climb the tree, just reach up lol 6'5"+ maybe ?

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    • a person who is greatly admired or feared.
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    on a serious note, i do commissions, no really i do, ask and ye shall receive

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    must get another picture taken, guess that happens when it always you with the camera
    Come join the Fun

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    Well I have to get another photo taken, my driving licence needs updating.
    Well it is 10 years old now and the grey didn't show up then as much as it does now.
    Current Photo makes me look like a 80's Colombian Drug Lord. I might inflict it on you provided the photo booth doesn't puke up and die.
    I believe in Karma, what you give, is what you get returned. Affirmation; Savage Garden
    Oh look my IQ results came in:-
    , and proud of it.

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    This comes around regularly

    OK - latest one I can find of me - back to short red hair instead of long blonde hair

    And this is of lumpy at the 20 week scan (about 4 weeks ago)


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    Congrats shaz!!!!

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    Congratulations Shaz.

    Guess you are never going to get back into mini painting now with one of those on the way
    "Just goes to show - arseholes leave a bigger impression on our lives then nice people" - by Markus Tay

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    Brushlicker and proud of it. Its the only way to paint

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    Thanks peeps Can you paint babies? Maybe I could start there!


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    Congrats Shaz. Your little 'un has a bit of the 2001 going on in that pic

    Anyway, a pic. Okay, here's me looking serious (ly stupid).

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    Sexy SJB! Congrats Shaz! We expect progress reports of course.
    We done done it now. We're finally hitched. We are now the dreaded two headed Roger - Liz - Bunting monster you have all feared.

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    The current me taken this morning, maybe I should have kept the protective head gear on...

    Name:  Me 2..jpg
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    "Just goes to show - arseholes leave a bigger impression on our lives then nice people" - by Markus Tay

    Wales is not part of England Welshmen Born and Bred

    Brushlicker and proud of it. Its the only way to paint

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    This be me in superhero guise:


    and with my fantastic Eldar painting girlfriend:

    If the printed word was spoken, so much truth would be so broken...

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    Less of the bald guy, more of the girlfriend pls...

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