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    Effing AWESOME. Thanks for the link!

    I was caught in the middle of some pretty gnarly wildfires back in '03 and '07, and some of those pics really bring me back. I can't describe the unreal feeling you get seeing the entire sky blanketed in smoke and ash, and suddently it's as dark as midnight at 2 in the afternoon. The day after, when the smoke descended and everything was just a haze of yellow-red and you couldn't see more than 5 feet in front of you, THAT was even more bizarre.
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    A link to those photos got posted a week or two ago, but think the link died, nice you managed to find them again.

    Still really like the first one. It should have a pair of lightsabres wielding nutters duelling beneath it of course.

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    They were posted alright! By me nonetheless! But the link did die as stated. I've been looking for these!

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    Yeah these are awesome, no wonder they had trouble with people and photographers not wanting to evacuate.

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