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Thread: Getting inspired to paint?

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    You are right in saying you cannot force these things....

    I find just going through my miniatures, organizing them, or fondling them lovingly often gets me in the mood.

    Also, I find that reading or watching films in that particular genre will get me interested as well....

    Remember, for many of us, this is supposed to be a relaxing distraction from real life. If it doesn't feel 'right' it just doesn't work.

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    I've been away from mini painting for a while to-sometimes its great to have a complete break for a while and explore other creative outlets (I've been more interested in photography for the past few years). But After umming and ahing a lot about getting started on a project I';ve hadin mind to do for sometime, I've finally had the urge to get started on it. I'll post a WIP shortly. Don't force it and you might just find that if you give yourself time your desire to paint will come back.


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    Yes I am going to try some paint this week I think... Not sure what yet, but something LOL
    Glyn (Zaphod) Evans
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    I've been having the same issue. I have been walking into the studio, shifting stuff around, and walking back out...wanting to paint, and just not able to find the motivation to pick up a brush...

    On the flip side of the coin, I can't seem to put my guitar down...

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    Yeah tell me about it. That's not a bad thing though... heh just gotta sit down once in the studio is all.
    Glyn (Zaphod) Evans
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    Ah i'm in the same boat. Actually starting something is the problem though, or finding the motivation. Once I get started I roll right through with it; i'm one of those workers that has to push to finish once i've started something.
    I was itching to get down to it after basecoating some stuff but the interest vanished! DAMN MY EYES!

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    The eyes are definitely a factor... after years of daylight bulbs and staring at computer screens for work and games... I am the same. If I get rolling, my interest peaks. Its the gettign rolling stage LOL
    Glyn (Zaphod) Evans
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    @sivousplay - Sorry to hear WoW killed your life... back in 1999, Everquest killed mine, and I didn't get back to painting till around 2005. ><
    Since I have stopped playing video games almost entirely, and my television watching is at a minimum, it helps a ton to get to the painting table... Now I can really feel the effects, if I video game, or watch too much TV, my motivation to do anything is in the toilet. Distractions like the computer don't help either.... For me still, the hardest thing is starting a mini when it is just white primer, with so much left to do. Once I get rolling though it's hard to stop. So as many have said, just force yourself to sit and start working, and then you'll find it's hard to put it down!

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    "For me still, the hardest thing is starting a mini when it is just white primer"

    I recommend switching to black primer then BWAHAHA
    Glyn (Zaphod) Evans
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    Here's something that really helped me a couple of days ago. I went to my LGS and watched two guys starting a Warhammer Fantasy battle. On one side were these well painted lizardmen with a variety of monstrous sized creatures. (still legal) I'm talking Stegadons (with NMM painted Celestial Engine), Salamanders, the thorny ones that have skink handlers, and pteradons. All were beautifully painted and based.

    On the other side was a ghost army of undead. And when I say ghost I meant they were simply primed white. Some of the zombies were just plain missing limbs, and I don't think that was an intended effect.

    Anyways, the guy who painted his army with care and devotion also had a thorough knowledge of the tactics for each unit, and even though his army wouldn't have won in a tourny he had a heck of a lot of fun playing. The other guy, well he was a charge straight in and hope for the best kind of guy. He didn't have much fun, and just seemed confused as the game progressed.

    I resigned myself at that point to NOT BE THAT GUY! I've been working on my Wood Elf Glade Guard every day now painting them in Autumn colors.
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    During times like this what helps me is either painting something simple that will give you a quick feeling of accomplishment, or digging through the lead pile and finding a mini that really stirs the nostalgia. I am guessing you have quite the lead pile...

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    Herb - alas that is in fact, one of the symptoms of Figmentia yes...
    Glyn (Zaphod) Evans
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    Well no pictures, but I did a super rush job last night and painted an archer ranger and paladin in 5 hours for our AD&D weekend coming up... Hands are sore LOL Lips are colored.
    Glyn (Zaphod) Evans
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    remember its a hobby its meant to be fun and enjoyable dont feel you have to.
    just do it when you want to.
    chill out time and relaxation are important. i've a couple of irons in the fire at the moment and to be honest i cant be arsed, if i did force myself id probably not enjoy it and would cock it up. go for it when the mood takes you is my advice(in all things).

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    on a serious note, i do commissions, no really i do, ask and ye shall receive

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    Hi everybody,

    Im an old painter of minis.

    I want paint but im not really sure to start again.
    I know that i add a lot of minis and i dont know where to put them.

    So i want to know what can i do with the minis after i paint them?
    Can i sell them?

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    Hi Starr974, if you scroll up to the top of this page & click on the Browse Gallery button & then the Recent Auctions link, you'll be able to see lots of peoples work available on Ebay. There are numerous other ways of going about it but it should give you some clues as to quality / price.

    Cheers, B.
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    Thanks for your advice BPI.

    I stop to paint since 20 years. But i read your very good forum and website, i learn a lot of new technique for me , and now i want try to paint again.
    But i m afraid if i cant paint like that, i lost my motivation, and if i buy a lot of paint+color+minis+milliput+ etc..... and after 1 or 2 month i give up because i can t paint as i want......
    i dont know if i can start in this hobby .... because its a lot of money for start .....

    ps; escuse me for my bad english.....
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    Hi Starr,

    Pick up a handful of artists acrylic paints in tubes (as per CMoN member Einion for example), a bottle of Matte Medium, make a wet-pallette from paper towel & baking Parchment, a nice sable 1 & 2 brush, a craft knife & one metal miniature. See how it goes. Minimal expense & the paints will keep for years & if nothing else your kids can use them for potato prints

    Alternatively, do you have a local gaming store? With the school summer break coming there are bound to be beginners workshops with everything provided. Go & sit in on a couple. Admittedly spending an afternoon with a group of enthusiastic 13 year old boys can be hard work but it'll give you the chance to get your hand back in with out forking out for all new kit.

    Or just keep hanging around & posting on sites like this one. At some point inspiration will strike & you won't be able to help but buy the kit to get started on your masterpiece!

    Cheers, B.
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    today i bought this starter box to game workshop
    In this box i have 1 paint + 6 colors + 12 Moria Gobelin for 22.50 euros (a shop near my house)

    when i open the box, im really surprise to the sze of the minis.....these gobelins are very small, small small.......i check the size , its 25mm.

    Do you think it s a good start for begins to paint?

    ps; i start to paint 1 mini, but i dont like this gobelins^^....they are not really good...
    and i dont have a lot of color,i dont have white so i cant do hightlight...
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    Use the black for shading mixes & the grey to desaturate colour for highlights? Or buy a pot of white now that you know you want one. The LotR Goblins are quite small but they're fun I think. Those big googly eyes are fairly easy to put some character into too. And Goblins are of use in pretty much any Fantasy game you can play!

    Cheers, B.
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