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Thread: Getting inspired to paint?

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    Cool Getting inspired to paint?

    Alright... life has been up and down for a few years, and things are starting to normalize... Time is still at a premium bu tit seems that every time I try to get back at the brushes, I can't get into it. Recently I even refunded a commission that I would simply have taken a year to do (only 2 minis)...

    I know a person cannot force these things, but any valid suggestions as to how to get that passion back? I still love minis, and collecting, just can't seem to get interested in sitting for hours actually creating art????
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    Something that helped and helps me a lot is to have dedicated evenings every week where you have friends coming over to paint or sculpt, that way there's always a themed evening where inspiration flows even if you just talk about it some of the evenings.
    I believe the important part is to get fresh ideas and see the fun in having fun again.

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    Really, the only things that get me painting these days are

    1) Taking too long to paint something for a friend's army and feeling guilty about it (or when he has a tournament coming up and really needs that unit/model I've been sitting on for the past several months)

    or 2) Having a boatload of other things (like schoolwork and exams to study for) piling up, and suddenly painting seems like a much more desirable alternative.

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    go to a comp/show. maybe watch some mini related dvds or read some articles. that usually gets me going. get back on it glyn!

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    I'm frequently battling motivation and getting around to things cos've an irksome anxiety disorder. On the plus side :uncertain yay: I've learnt a few things to get moving.

    Dedicated evenings as Chrome suggests. Knowing there's a timeslot imminent when you'll be painting should help ones mind getting into the zone.

    Dedicated painting area. We get into a certain frame of mind when we got to certain areas. It's why a person having trouble sleeping shoudln't lay there in bed but get up and a have a cocoa or something, else the mind will associate the bed as a place to lay fitfully rather than restfully. Having a specific place where to paint should get one into that painty mood and mindset.
    I have limited space, but found that even a portable painting station works a treat.

    This site is a great help. It's inspirational. Being among like minded folk, talking techniques, seeing their works. The good stuff can be aspirational in getting one to try something new, while even the less impressive works can still be inspirational with our secret inner voice thinking a quiet "pfsh, I could do better than that".

    Finish something. I know I get an ego boost from completing a project. Having come up with a colour scheme, applied the techniques to see it done, and being able to contemplate a job well done is a great reward. Just have to fight a bit harder if anxiety is preventing that completion out of apathy or worrying.

    That old stiff upper lip and "just get on with it" does have some psychological merit to it. With some repetition it makes that activity within ones realm of normal behaviour. So further forays into that activity are easier to slip into without having to go through the rigmarole of thinking about it too much.

    Migth just be a good idea to pencil in a time in when you know there's nothing on telly to head to the paints.

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    You always have to start with the basics....

    Pick up the brush video... made by me a long time ago, for just this kind of emergency.

    Someone tell me how to properly embed it? I can't seem to make it work.

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    I've found that painting something for a friend is always a good motivator ... and I don't mean something that feels onerous like, "could you paint my army for me?" but try to do a cool display piece that they'd really like for a birthday present or the like. You'll work hard to do a good job and get it done, and then once you've done it, you'll be in the mood to paint some more.

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    i think its very imprtant to paint minis that you think are cool with the freedom to paint it the way you like (well sort of). taking commissions painting boring models in specific colours turn the hobby more into boring work than someting entertaining and relaxing.
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    I have one piece of advice that has worked for me: "Pick a really small first project after a long absence".
    When you've not painted for a long time many people (myself included) start thinking that the way to get motivated is to start a really ambitious project that you've wanted to do for a long time. When confronted with that I just end up sitting there overwhelmed and looking at my paints.
    Instead try to pick a single unconverted miniature that isn't even really impressive or important. Maybe just a single troop model for an army. Something you can paint, start to finish, within an evening (all this depends on your style of painting, whether you ever do unconverted minis and how fast you paint, but you get the point). Then just sit down for the evening and enjoy going through the whole process, shading, highlights, details (and washes and glazes and freehand if those are your thing) and all that stuff that makes mini-painting so much fun.

    The sense of accomplishment is really what gets me going so it's vital for me to finish something regularly to keep the motivation up and to finish something fast when the motivation is at a low point.

    Also, like SkelettetS said, just something you do for yourself, no pressure.

    Hope that helped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkelettetS View Post
    i think its very imprtant to paint minis that you think are cool with the freedom to paint it the way you like (well sort of). taking commissions painting boring models in specific colours turn the hobby more into boring work than someting entertaining and relaxing.
    As that say on forums, "quoted for truth". After five years filling shop cabinets with GW I barely touched a brush for years. It's only now I really fighting through the apathy cos I want those feel good feelings back from seeing a job well done.

    Offering to do a project for a friend didn't help me. I just have guilt when I see them knowing their figures are wallowing in a box, still unpainted after gawd knows how many years.

    Got a mate that's a bit down about his painting. That he isn't better than he is after the years he's been at it. Suggested to him he try something new. A new sort of mini that is, not suggesting he take up ballet dancing or something. Just that, painting marines and orks and marines and orks, doesn't leave much room to develop. Would just revisit the same techniques, and even the same paints and not chance upon a relationship between a pair of them that makes you happy. Ah, that time I happened upon Regal Blue highlighted with Enchanted Blue. *happy sigh*

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarstoolProphet View Post
    Very nice... This is a great video LOL

    Jim you are also right. I know flipping through the site is pretty, but does not help, nor does many other typical things. I think two thigns are in order...

    Creating a club painting night (which may or may not work but I'll try) and finishing a few gaming minis that are partially done. Once that happens, and there are a few new little folks in my cabinet, it should open up the flood gates

    Hehe... Can't stop chuckling about that video!
    Glyn (Zaphod) Evans
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    Some things that usually get my butt in gear:

    1) Play the Lord of the Rings soundtracks in the background.

    2) Go play a game or two of Warhammer or Warhammer 40K.

    3) Switch up and build some terrain.

    4) Pick up a completely different craft. Often when I feel burnt out on painting I'll switch to woodworking or knitting for a week, and then I come back and I can feel the need to be semi-artistic rising. Or as Haley says, semi-autistic.
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    Well I do enjoy those soundtracks, but I prefer listening to say Hawkwind's "Chronicles of the Black Blade" or perhaps Blind Guardian's "Nightfall in Middle Earth". The tunes do help of course except they sometimes make me want to play music instead of paint...
    I don't play games except for an annual AD&D reunion (coming up imminently actually and I am very excited about that). I have no need for terrain at all LOL though I switch up and base minis sometimes though this is obviously no where near as satisfying as having nicely finished minis....
    I think another problem I have is in fact the number of other activities I enjoy... Music obviously is a lot of fun to learn and perform, and admittedly, I am a WOW junky, though I do not abuse my time in actuality... Guess I'm just lazy HAHA!

    It looks like I have the wheels in motion for having a wednesday night painting thing though... that is the best idea so far!
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    Here's one for ya, start a blog on this site and then post pics of what you are doing. There's no greater kick in the a$$ when that photo has been sitting there for five months and nothings changed.

    That should do it. If it doesn't then leave a call with the receptionist and I'll get back to you in 4 or 5 hours

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    Various bits of useful advice above, some of which I've found beneficial. Posting in a WIP thread here has been the big kicker though. A little bit of encouragement from a lone commenter goes a long way, a few can leave me grinning all day How about starting a thread called "The Blackfalds Wednesday Nighters" & at the end of each evening take quick snaps of all you've done & get them posted on the Thursday. Members can post comments explaing their work after you've put the pictures up so that you don't have to spend time writing loads. They could just be phone photos, no need to get too fancy. Room for a bit of friendly competition/chivvying along/banter & the satisfaction of seeing your gang's work progress.

    Do you have a character figure prepped for the AD&D reunion? Might be fun?

    In the end as long as you're mooching along in a fairly jolly manner, it doesn't matter much whether or not you paint toy soldiers

    Cheers, B.

    PS I realise I've really just taken lots of words to repeat Ickthorne but I think a blog is something you have to invest a lot more effort into than a WIP thread here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZaPhOd View Post
    WI am a WOW junky, though I do not abuse my time in actuality...

    WOW killed my painting for a couple years ... I finally said, I like producing real stuff a lot more than virtual stuff and gave up WoW ... I got in better shape ... dropped like 50 lbs and now am pretty ripped and am painting quite a bit now. The WoW time sink had some pretty horrible life effects and I can only recommend getting out while you can!!!


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    Barstoolprophet, loved the video lol allit needed at the end was a tongue to lick the brush

    Glyn, I know exactly what you mean, until the other day I hadn't put a brush to a mini for nearly 2 years, I have just completed a Roman for a competition, it wasn't that I didn't want to paint but just kept finding excuses not to a competition entry was the best way back into it for me.
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    Jim - Really, if I play at all, it is more like an hour in the evening before bed.

    WG - Yes, that is it exactly... I just find excuses not to paint.

    BPI - I had half our party painted up last year (I don't think I even posted pics here) and I do have a couple primed to do, but now I am battling time as well as far as that project goes. I could get one done anyways... HEHE
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    @War Griffon: Brush licking could have been added, but for the fact that my face will never ever EVER be seen on the internet, unless I get ambushed by somebody with a camera. And if that happens, they'd better be able to run faster than me.
    There hasn't been a photo of me since 1989 (that I know of), and I mean to keep it that way for the remainder of my life.

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