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    Here is my brief introduction, my name is Vincent, 24 years of passion for the figure, I painted, but mostly I carve my own models.
    Here are some example.
    I had the chance to edit and some other are awaiting edition.
    The Irish korrignans:
    My latest creations in court molding
    korrigan another
    And a bust of Saladin
    Hoping that you like it
    If you want to know more, my site,CHIRONPRODUCT.OVER-BLOG.COM

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    Welcome Vincent; just what we need another talented Sculptor for our mini addiction.

    The Korrignans look appealing and fun...But the Saladin (Ṣalāḥ ad-Din) is a really superb piece of work.

    Comme beaucoup de personnes ici, je voudrais savoir si cette pièce sera mise en production que je voudrais ajouter que, pour ma collection.
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    welcome Vincent. I like your Korrignans, they're really nice looking, but that Saladin is just awesome. There are lots of good details that must make it a pleasure to paint. You have a real talent so keep showing us you amazing sculpts.

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    i like all of your work. The little guy in the cup is amazing to me for some reason. The bust is really clean looking, very crisp work on the details. Love it all.

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    superb stuff. what do you sculpt with?

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    I just wish I could sculpt one tenth that well.

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    Thank you for the comment, though some are interréssé, I Draw the latter two pieces late May early June for the first korrigan I already prints.
    We must all put it simply, you know, then continue, again and again

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    Wonderful work! So much character to your pieces.

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    I want them! Do you have them for sale?
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    thank you all for your comments, I'm glad you like it.
    That models are not available commercially but I personally am waiting for my prints is made.
    So for those that interress these models will be on sale as "my label" chironproduct, normally in late May early June
    Those who are interested in this / he does not hesitate to contact me for pricing and other details.

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