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    Default FIGONE is alive !!!!!!!!!

    BOOM boom BOOM boom BOOM boom
    Figone heart beats since few minutes!

    We let you discover what this new publisher of figurine, to assemble and paint, has prepared during lonnnnnnnnnnnngs months.

    In addition to the full product line of Artefactory and Nemrod that you already know, Figone is also:
    - Five new "FIGONE" miniatures plus four sceneries presented below (individually available or in a special pack presented on the left)
    - The new range of Jacques Alexandre Gillois named "Thumbnail Factory", which starts with four references,
    - Six brand new exclusivity from "Degra figurine"
    - The range "BC Creation" that only few of you already knew,
    - The bust of the "Troll Companion" sculpted by Allan Carrasco for the figurines club "The Company of Trolls"
    - And much more soon ...

    Are you looking to get some sensation under your brush or free your form? Do you want to change your perception of light or amplify your emotions through the use of color? Do you want to bend your mind to the laws of matter or perhaps rule over matter through the laws of your mind?

    Give reason to your senses, buzz like a flower landing on a bee (or the reverse, we forget...), abandon your battery or motorized machines, discard your stuffed ladybugs or other artifices... and sink your teeth into FIGONE, a reunion between people who are mad about miniatures, games and imagination?

    Enjoy your visit
    Team Figone

    Website in english:
    Sign-up for our newsletter:,ccnewsletter/
    Contact for retail, media or general enquiries:

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    Will you be bringing any of these to figostock? :P

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    Of course everything ll be at Figostock
    Cause figostock is the Figone's event !

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    if you speak french:

    The Minotaur is a highlight. The best stuff always go to Arte Factory.

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    Hello everyone !
    I am sorry, i have no more miniatures or sculptures to show, but some illustrations I did during my African Trip by bike.
    I am already in Cotonou Benin after 9355 km done, and I ll be back in a year (normally
    Hope you ll enjoy theses drawings

    Joueur de Kora Malien inspire d’une affiche vue ici.

    Interpretation d’un griot conteur Malien.

    Sur le fleuve Niger.

    Berger Peul au Burkina.

    Visage de paysan Mauritanien

    Des barques sur la plage de Lome – Togo.

    Un paquebot a Lome – Togo.

    Des bergers au Maroc.

    Boutique Marocaine

    Vendeur de courges au Maroc

    Des chameaux dans le Sahara Occidental

    Une porte dans un village du Sahara

    Joe en voiture en Mauritanie

    Les pieds de Hocein, un chamelier Mauritanien

    Un visage Mauritanien

    Une voiture en Mauritanie
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    I love this type of art work - very very nice

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    those first two watercolours are lovely

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    While I really like all the sketches and atmopheric pieces, its the two portraits that really ring the bell for me.
    Merci Jerems, Merci Beaucoup.
    I believe in Karma, what you give, is what you get returned. Affirmation; Savage Garden
    Oh look my IQ results came in:-
    , and proud of it.

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    Nice work man! Hope the bike trip is going well! Love the drawings and the watercolours. Enjoy the rest of your trip

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    wonderful JEremie. Glad the trip is going well


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    Hey guys!
    Thanks for your nice comments

    In direct livre from Namibia (Oueeeeeee) some stuff done in Burkina, Ghana and Togo.

    Next time i'll post the stuff of Benin...

    Hope you ll like them



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    Love your Aquarells, Jerems... Really, really good and will help you to analyze things more precisely and keep it in your Mind and Soul for a long time......

    When will you be back...?... Starting to miss you after 1 1 / 4 Year, hehe...
    "I think we will see a lot of such diorams in the future because Pandora box is oped, interest is huge and forum butthurt is just great." --- Decoy

    Simply Wonderful......

    Visit us at ...

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    Hey guys !
    Thanks matt for your message
    After 14 000 km, we are in Tanzania!
    In 8 monthes we’ll arrive in Egypt, and come back.
    Here are not miniatures, but some drawings in did in Benin and Namibia.
    I’ll send the drawing i did in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi.. when i’ll have the time  Hope you like them
    More news here
    JBT – Joyfull Biker Transafrican 

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    And this one did last week

    and the bikes

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    wow! Thank you for posting these. Those are some really beautiful pictures. I especially like the view down the sandy/earth coloured street with the beautiful blue sky. Huge respect to you for doing something like this - there's no way I could ride a bike across Scotland (my home country), never mind a continent the size of Africa!
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    What an amazing journey! Best of luck to you and thanks for keeping us updated!

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    J, the last painting is beautiful! Nice one

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    That's some very nice work. I remember when I went to Europe many moons ago and instead of buying postcards, I drew them. It's a neat way to record your journey......more personal.
    Surrealism: You have two giraffes. The government requires you to take harmonica lessons.

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    Thanks again and again for your comments

    Now I purpose a game ))

    here are the English rules of the game we're going to play!
    A wonderful game in which you can win... A WATERCOLOR by Jerem’ !!!!

    The question is easy:

    Hahahaha what A QUESTION, THE thousand-tanzanian shilling question….

    To help you, here's some useful information any bright hippo needs to know:
    - Today, on November 2 2011, we're at Masasi, in southern Tanzania.
    - We've traveled 14 067 km since August 11 2010.
    - We'll be going all the way back north to Egypt.
    - We'll go through Kenya, that's for sure. We might go by Ethiopia.
    - Or maybe not, because we're thinking Uganda might not be so bad.
    - We want to go through South Sudan and Sudan, but we're having trouble getting visas, though nothing's lost yet.
    - If it happens that some borders are closed to us, we'll be forced to use an airplane, though we don't even know where we'd land...
    - No matter, if pushed, we'll go to Jerusalem to find a boat to go home. Maybe.
    - We don't even know if we'll disembark in Italy, Spain or Marseille...
    - We'd like to point out that we'll also take part in this crazy game... but that we're at the same point you are: "are we going to cross the 20,000 Km line?"
    - Oh yeah, last useful tidbit of info: we want to get back home before the end of May.
    - May 2012. Could be useful to clarify...

    How to join in and play?
    You just have to send a number by email before... soon.
    Only one answer per family (because I can already picture Boubacar and his 27 half-sisters and brothers try... I'm sure you remember him from Bobo Dioulasso in Mali, right?...)
    The lucky winner will be whoever comes closest... to the right number of kilometers.
    THE ONLY ANSWERS WHICH WILL BE ACCEPTED will be those written in poems of 4 lines

    Like they say in Swahili: Kwaheri,
    Clire i Djirimi

    PS: We did yesterday our 15 000 th km )))))))))))))

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