Anyone know what this 'large space marine' mini is?
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Thread: Anyone know what this 'large space marine' mini is?

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    Question Anyone know what this 'large space marine' mini is?

    Hi guys,
    I know this is my first ever post, but I'm looking for a little assistance, I stumbled across this: lot on E-Bay and I've no idea what the 'large space marine' is. I've asked the same question over on the B&C and the only thing anyone's really sure of is that it's not a GW mini. I'm not bothered about the 'nid or eldar bits in the lot, just the 'space marine' as I think it looks kinda cool (or would once the goop is stripped of it...) but I don't want to lay out for something that I don't know what it is if you see what I mean.

    I've emailed the seller but as you can see from the description of the lot I'm not sure they know what it is either...

    any assistance will be appreciated

    thanks in advance


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    Jeez, what a sloppy listing! Might as well have listed it as "a load of rubbish and a guy with no arms".

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    NSA's right very sloppy listing a bit of research might have helped
    Don't recognise the model(s) either.
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    I know exactly what it is I have a complete kit of it sat in front of me

    To start with it is not a GW figure and neither is it meant to be a space marine.

    It is sold as "International Peace Keeper" GMF03 by Grey Matter Figures and was sculpted by Seth Nash, although looking at the website they have now renamed it to "Starship Trooper".
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    Thanks very much War Griffon, (and thanks to No Such Agencyand Dragonsreach as well) just went and had a look at the Grey Matter site and liked what I saw. I'm even more interested in the lot on E-bay now, but judging by the state of it I'm not sure if I'd be better off just saving my money to buy a new one. Does Resin (cause it looks like that's what it is) stripp easily. I've been using Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner quite happily and safely on metal and plastic for a couple of years now, do you think it's work ok on resin too?

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    The bottom three metal minis are bodies from the old Tyranid Warriors 2nd and 3rd edition 40K, and the metal vanes on the right appear to be from a Eldar Phantom Titan for Adeptus Titaniticus later to be Epic 40K.

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    Should be fine on resin but I would try it on a little bit first just to be sure

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    He should be with you shortly.

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    @ lucky charms: thanks mate

    @ freakinacage: thanks for the advice, I think I might have a painted Death Korp mini I could try stripping for a trial run, although I've decided to buy a new kit from Grey Matter at some point in the future.

    @ mouldman not sure I get what you mean... sorry


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    apologies, shortly after your post we got an order for the starship trooper in Greece. Wrongly assumed it was you!

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    no worries mouldman, hopefully I'll be ordering one from you at some point in the not too distant future



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