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    I get an a** full of reality on a daily basis. When I go to the movies, I'm there to be entertained....

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    Ain't seen it yet. Takes a lot to get me to spent monies on a trip to the cinema. I'll wait for it to hit the TV or DvD stands. Some mates liked it though, and they're such fans of the Richard Carpenter series it must have had enough merits for them to override the natural reaction to favour the one they grew up with. Going though that series myself now, will probably finish that off with the Costner version which I enjoyed enough to go to the cinema for it, twice.

    Realism, all the Robin Hood specific stuff is mythic so doing whatever take on that is fair enough. Should embrace the reality of its period though. My particular bugbear is when the wrong armour is worn, like those bizarre shoulder plate uniforms in First Knight (unless its specifically shinning its period so like the recent BBC Robin Hood series with its modern parlance and racial choices). If it's presenting itself as some gritty, sweaty, realistic epic, then the French invading when they didn't do is a bit odd. Might aswell have Robin defend Nottingham from a Scots force led by William Wallace, or dinosaurs, or the blue posse from Avatar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torn blue sky View Post
    Yeahhhhh, but.
    Then you look at something like Braveheart and just think "wtf..."
    Yeah, it ain't on my hate list with Gladiator for nothing

    Quote Originally Posted by IdofEntity View Post
    Looking for historical authenticity in a Robin Hood movie is much akin to looking for authenticity in a King Arthur movie. You're not going to find it since there really isn't enough historical fact behind the character.
    The broader aspects of the story and the basic history of the period they decide to set it in are important though, just as they would be in a new film of Ivanhoe or Count Bohemond. For example longbows should be the right length and colour, mail should look like mail, swords should be of the right type(s) etc.


    For anyone that doesn't feel that period accuracy is important in a fictional historical film, there's a pretty good extreme example that makes the point more obvious: say you have a film about the Romans and some bright spark decides that a visored helmet from the Vendel/early-Viking period looks good so they'll use it as a prop*. If you don't have a problem with that, how would you feel about an ACW film where they have Confederates armed with bolt-action rifles? Because despite not appearing to be the second one is actually nowhere near as bad a historical faux pas.

    *Those with a good memory will know this is actually a real example.


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    ...Confederates armed with bolt-action rifles?
    Not sure how I "feel" about it...but it would have certainly changed the ending..8)

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    ...Confederates armed with bolt-action rifles?
    Not sure how I "feel" about it...but it would have certainly changed the ending..8)
    well, theres actually a book about that. Check this out:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Einion View Post
    mail should look like mail,

    surely you mean chainmail (ducks)

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    I thought it was a good film. French died and the King didn't sign the Magna Carta, great success! They could have expanded on William the Marshall as he was known as the most holy knight in Christendom or something. The bald baddy made a good baddy but the worst part was the anorexic children riding into battle with a woman because evidentally everyone is better than trained soldiers in battle so long as they have a cause to fight for. I think they could have removed the children from the story altogether and it wouldn't have mattered.
    Another silly point was that everyone had a horse...even the longbowmen when horses don't grow on trees and were the property of a Knight not some lowly serf! There was a bit of dialogue from Robin about liberty and all that melted cheese which made me think one of the writers was American and him convincing the creation of the Magna Carta was farfetched of course but this is Hollywood and the main character is always the best fighter, best talker and always beds the best woman!

    Overall I would give it 8/10. Entertaining watch!

    I've chosen my side.

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    The stole the horses didn't they?

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    Hmm they might have stolen them and I missed it. It did seem that the first set of French consistently had horses then didn't but maybe I got confused!

    I've chosen my side.

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    even with stolen horses, they still had to be fed and cared for ... also they would only get maybe cart or light riding mounts as Knights horses were dangerous unless it were people they know
    " So remember that, when they're beating your ass with a metal shovel while you're dressed as Little Bo Peep - it's not's art.

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    ugh, i was dragged to this movie by some of my wifes friends, AND THEY LIKED IT. i thought it was awful and boring, and the action sequences were incoherent and skiddish. poorly done.

    Quote Originally Posted by Torn blue sky View Post
    Which as an aside brings up my annoyance and hatred of the so called urban camo you see kicking about... Or Cowmoflage, as I call it. Red orange and black camo too? It's surely some kind of ironic joke I don't get...
    while typically id agree, you happened to pick red orange and black camo, which is actually used for hunting (deer cant see color, but other hunters can).

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    I think it was an okay movie. As long as it is somewhat right when it comes to history (Robin Hood didn't have a machine gun or a car at least!) I'm okay with it. It was as good as I expected though. I would give it a 5 out of 10...

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