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    I'm a relatively novice painter.

    Here are my thoughts: I basecoat, brush on the dip, highlight and matt finish.

    Through trial and error I've figured out the following. You will see videos etc where people are really heavy with the dip. I'd advise against that. I put a light coating on and only do a couple minis at a time as the dip will "pool" in crannies that will look awful when it dries. If you brush on the dip, move the dip along the natural flow points, then brush on the second mini, return to the first to avoid unsightly pooling, then return to the second, the brush on the dip for the third, and so on.

    I find the dip is magic for skeletons, gives them a nice "straight out the ground" look. I also like a dirty, seedy look to my adventurers, monsters, etc so it works for that too.

    I dipped a Ral Partha Goblin with pics on my blog:

    In terms of the primers, I would say this. If you aren't right on top of the miniature (meaning 8-10 inches) the primer will go grainy. I primed a group of hobgoblins and had to take it all off (that was with a well shaken can and good conditions). I think it recommends to more that 20 cm away, or 8 inches.
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    yeah I brush on the quick shade, it's way too thick if you dip the mini in it

    Any spray paint will go grainy if you are too far away from what you are spraying
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    Definitely brush on. Be it with AP products, home brew "magic dip", or Minwax. It never hurts to go back in with a bit of thinner/mineral spirits on your brush & break up any glops or problem areas.

    I've found inverting/rotating the mini right after application can sometimes help even the coat out & lead to a better end result with the more viscous dips. Blowing out some of the pools with the equipment you were born with is often enough to prevent serious pooling. Spinning with power tools, violent shaking, & using salad spinners are really unnecessary for dipping unless you are a firm believer in drowning the mini.

    If you are wondering if AP is really worth the cost, I'd strongly recommend trying the multitude of other options & making up your own mind.

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