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    Hi all,

    i show you my last work. it's a boxart for AITNA model.
    the pieces is a minotaur in 54mm but very big!!!!!
    the sculpt it's by my friend Carmine "Thor" Giuliano, you can see the wip here:


    it's a pleasure for me paint this piece, i study a lot about dirt and texture effect... i think for this mini the best way to paint would be atmosphere and character. so i paint with a lot of grafical contrast effect, and a total HOT interpretation. (the cold colour are used only in the shadows..)
    hope you like it

    biggest pictures:

    cmon link: http://coolminiornot.com/251188

    thank you!!


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    About a million times better looking that GW's latest Minotaurs...

    Fantastic paint too....

    Great looking all around!

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    Great sculpt and amazing painting.

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    well dont know how much i dig the sculpt really (although as said, way better than GW's shitty new ones) but that paintjob is "OOOoooOOOooh". fantastic.

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    i think i like this sculpt even more than the Ilyad Tuareg, which was my favorite Minotaur...
    the funky hands, and the greek style skirt are so unique...

    your painting on this guy is incredible...
    the fur effect is perfect...
    the black hands are a nice touch...

    the only thing that could be better is the metal on the axe...
    a bit more contrast, and this would have been a complete masterpiece...

    keep up the great work...


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    Sooo....when will the fig be for sale? It is great...and the paintjob makes me want to buy it even more...

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    I love the mini, but and this may sound strange......but to me his head looks to much like cows for me.

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