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    Secret Weapon Miniatures is happy to announce the launch of this all-in-one scenic weathering kit. The kit contains everything you need to add realistic mud to your scale models – whether tanks, infantry, light vehicles, bases… or anything else that gets muddy!

    The kit will start shipping on 14-June and contains:

    * Weathering Pigment: Dark Earth
    * Weathering Pigment: Terracotta Earth
    * Weathering Pigment: Clay Brown
    * Fine Grain Sand
    * Plaster
    * 2 oz. “Realistic Water”

    Order before 6-June and receive 10% off of the regular retail price!

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    I also have a two part tutorial up showing how I made the 60mm base in the photo:


    And I'm happy to answer any questions about mud making - even if you're using materials other than Secret Weapon. I do loves me the hobby tutorials!

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