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    Smile JMD Orc Bust

    Hello everyone, I present to you my 2nd completed miniature. I actually painted this one twice cause I wasn't pleased with how it was turning out, but I finally just took my time and completed it. I don't get too much free time to sit down and paint so it's only a few hours and days throughout the week. I loved painting this one, and I feel like I improved from my last miniature that I painted. I really tried to pay attention to how I used color although it probably doesn't show up in the photos, I tried to use colors in all my shadows, to create a "richness" that I feel sometimes happens when using pure black. The biggest thing I believe I learned from painting this is just to have patience, and let the colors build naturally. Anyway I appreciate any comments anyone might have. Vote link..

    I also received a silver in the masterclass category this past weekend which I was really surprised about.

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    love the depth of the skin, it's bloody brilliant. i would add some more highlights on his tunic and maybe some more shade in between areas. ie skin-cloth, cloth-sheep

    amazing if it's your second ever mini!

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    totally dig this one, nice sincolour and an amazing job for 2nd mini!

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    Really cool job especially for a second mini. My only crit is that you maybe could have added some more colours in you shades.

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    Thanks everyone for the comments. I need to learn how to take better pictures, which seem to be just as hard as painting the mini itself. I've lost a lot of the subtle color shifts and a shadows that are in the original. I can't wait to start my next mini in a few weeks, and apply what I learned from painting this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dshavers View Post
    I also received a silver in the masterclass category this past weekend which I was really surprised about.
    I was surprised by your silver too, I felt this was worthy of a gold! Great job, a real pleasure to see something different in the Kubla Competition. Your use of color on this guy was top notch. The textures on the materials around the head could use a touch more depth, but really just a great piece of work.


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    Thanks everyone for the comments!

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    He's got such pinchable looking skin! It looks real!

    Bigger pics would be nice.

    Congrats on the silver, well deserved.

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