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Thread: whats your color?

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    Default whats your color?

    it seems to me most painters go through color phases, whats yours? i cant seem to escape greens ATM.
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    Blue I just love blue finds its way into alot of my figures
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    Purple. I'm determined to get it to actually look purple in a photo.
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    I like painting red, put it on almost every minis, easy to paint.

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    Blue. definitely blue atm. before that it was red.

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    easily Scaly Green. can be used to everything, love that colour!

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    earthy greens
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    Browns. I wonder why.
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    Does "primer" or "bare metal" count?
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    silver metal , turned green by glaces of green and sepia ( It´s how in paint my cryx stuff ) - so earthly greens , i guess
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    my favorite color to work with is green, of any shade...
    seems i'm in a black and red phase for the last year though...

    commission painting keeps the variety goin', but when i pick up a random mini to paint it seems to call for red and black...


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    I have been through a green phase, a blue phase, and a brown phase. Now sure what I am on right now. I guess green still since everything I am painting involves nurgle

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    I'd say greens greys and browns... I like working with complementary schemes too.

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    White at the moment (off-white, bleached bone). with a splash of red to complement it....

    one of the absolute best color combinations ever!

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    I use red blue and yellow a lot

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    Lately, my prefered color is Orange.
    I have lots of projects/armies at skirmish size so I try to do a different main color with each new army/project.

    But Oranges and Purples are the colors I get excited to paint with.

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    I still like shoving scab red into everything, somewhere. But I've gone through two bottles of black and three of white in the last few months.

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    Washed out Oranges and Reds. It's mainly because I'm painting an Autumn themed army of Wood Elves at the moment.

    I do love greens though. Always a solid fallback color set.
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    I have been using Sage from reaper paints in many of the figs. I've been working on. It's a nice earthy tone (Green, Gray).

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