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    Default Marines!

    I am selling my Flesh Tearers, and Ultramarines.
    The Flesh Tearers are all customized with GS and bitz bashed
    I am looking to sell:
    Plastic Dread with all arms
    10 man Tac squad
    5 man metal scouts
    5 man assault squad (jump pack)
    5 man Terminator squad

    For Ultramarines I have:
    Attack bike with interchangable multi melta, and Heavy bolter
    Metal Dread
    5 man metal sniper scouts
    20 Tac marines
    Metal command squad

    Let me know if your interested.....I am just looking to put them in a good home, I will be happy if I break even on them


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    Are the flesh tearers still available? Will pay top dollar... ASAP!!!! Let me know.. Mp... artorius1013

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    Default flesh tearers

    Let me know if these are still available...

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