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    A squad that I am trying to step up some, looking for any constructive criticisms and advice!
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    Well the blending on the armour certainly looks pretty neat and smooth, if a little pink :0) They look like they could do with something to contrast with the armour, say by painting the gem stones yellow / blue / light green. If you could get a larger pic of just one or a couple of them then we could gice you better advice as they are still quite small in the pic you have posted.
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    I agree that in the pics the blending seems solid, but in truth it is hard to give you good critiques when 1.) you are photographing against a darker backdrop 2.) their is no closer shots, and finally 3.) any chance of some individual shots what have you.

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    Attaching a handful of closer pics for clarity
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    wow, now that is much better. You have some really solid work there with great blending what have you. I think I would have to agree in that you need something to contrast the models themselves though like say a vibrant green or blue gems. If I may ask are these for tabletop or demon entry?

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    I agree on all points so far. Your blending is excellent, but without a color to offset all the red, the minis will start looking flat. Changing the gems and eye lenses to a color other than red will definitely help pick out points of the models that currently run together

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    These are for tabletop since I've never had any joy with demon. I would like them to do well though in a local painting competition however. I had intended to do gems and eyes in a richer green, and the cloths in a more washed out pale green (base coat is in place). Still need to complete the brass and a few other segments and have a good tidying up spree

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    Default Question

    How did you get your blends so buttery smooth. It looks like a coat of wash over a solid light colour with a highlight applied to the edges. What colours/paints did you use to achieve this "dipped like" look.

    p.s. they look really nice.

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    My only criticism is that when I look to the eyes there is nothing. The black needs to be highlighted at the very least and I would probably put more colour into the eyes and on the garment details/gems etc.

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    I think the gems eyes and penants are an excellent choice to use some bright comtrasting colours to make the blending really stan out

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    2 little update pics attached

    I picked out the eyes and gems, finished off the cloths and sharpened up the brass.
    I am now thinking that the cloth might be better off matching the gem tones though, so that might be something to revisit.

    The colours used on the armour are all GW paints, red gore/chaos black working upwards with additions of bleached bone
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    Another 2 updated pics after the weekend
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    Solid honestly, great work and I definately think those gems really help sell the model.

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    It looks like there's a lot more definition to them now that the red is broken up a bit. Nice work!

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