Help with brush selection (in a country where good brushes are few and far between)?
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Thread: Help with brush selection (in a country where good brushes are few and far between)?

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    Question Help with brush selection (in a country where good brushes are few and far between)?

    Something that i've often found frustrating when reading articles about modelling and painting is the fact that these people have had excellent access to all kinds of resources. In larger countries such as the US of A and the UK there's enough of a population base to support small hobby store so that a town may actually have a store dedicated soley to modelling and hobbies of that kind.

    Sorry about that, I just had to get that out of the way first.

    Here in Sweden hobby stores are not that common, and the closest thing I had to local hobby-store closed down years ago. Recently though I found an excellent swedish site with a good selection of all kinds of hobby-related stuff, and a good range of minis from companies OTHER THAN GW (they otherwise basically have a monopoly on the mini&paint-market over here). Seeing that they sell brushes I thought it was high time to upgrade from my old and battered old pals. Thing is, they only have two brands: GW and "The Army Painter". I'm not exactly leery of GW, but I've had mixed experiences with their brushes before and so I'll gladly look into alternative brands.

    I read this excellent article on how to select and maintain brushes: but sadly I've never had the opportunity to conduct that kind of pre-purchase tests.

    I do digress though. The site offers quite a few brushes with a wide range of sizes from both GW and The Army Painter. The prices are basically the same, with The Army Painter being slightly cheaper.

    In wrapping up this, somewhat meandering, post I ask you; which side of the fence should I jump? Or should I look elsewhere entirely? I reiterate that finding brushes (that aren't GW) is tricky around here :P.

    Anyway, thanks for your time.

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    Default have a Swedish language version of the website, do they not have a webshop? Or a list of local stockists?

    Cheers, B.
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    Try They ship worldwide I believe and you can buy most quality brushes from them. My personal favorite is the Raphael 8404 but it really depends on your painting style! Long brushes, like the raphael, are good for broad strokes and pushing/pulling paint, shorter brushes like Winsor&newton are somewhat shorter and might fit better for someone who likes that. I think there is no perfect brush for everyone, just the perfect brush for your style..

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    I agree with Cleen X 110%!!! I love my 8404 brushes!

    I will also reccomend getting a good brush soap to go with whatever brushes you decide. After a few failed experiments I reccomend and stand by "The Masters" brush cleaner. It looks like a hockey puck.

    I hope the good people here at CMONshop are listening! I REALLY want the shop to start carrying Raphael 8404's. Please?

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    Tjenare StreetBushido! Vi har en otrolig mängd konsthandlar här i Sverige faktiskt, de flesta har väldigt diskret placering av sina lokaler dock. Vill du inte skriva ut vart du bor här på forumet så PMa mig, Avelorn, SkelettetS, Ritual och/eller Paandrik så är jag tvärsäker på att åtminstone någon av oss kan hjälpa dig hitta en konsthandel relativt nära dig. kan vi inte peka på något i närheten av dig kan vi säkert fixa det på annat vis som till exempel köpa saker åt dig och skeppa det till dig.

    Heya StreetBushido! We've actually got an incredible amount of art stores here in Sweden, most are located at rather discrete places though. If you don't want to type where you live out here in the open forum PM me, Avelorn, SkelettetS, Ritual and/or Paandrik and I'm certain that at least one of us can help you find an art store relatively close to your location. And if we can't point one out for you I'm certain we can arrange something like us buying and shipping you stuff you need.


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    Wow, that's some serious community dedication! I'm gonna have to take you up on that offer, Chrome. Also, thanks to all you guys for the help! Really glad I joined this community.

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