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    Im about to receive my first box of space wolves... i have painted 1 set of scouts and one or two models for a friend of mine so im pretty inexperienced.

    I have been looking at the heads for the grey hunters and im wondering how im going to paint wolf eyes on such a tiny surface - im talking about the bare heads - no helmets.

    any suggestions?

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    As far as I can tell people typically just paint them white with a dot of black in the middle. It works well enough if you're going to be playing with them. Just remember, don't spend too much time on them or you'll end up like me and never finish an army.

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    too late...

    I don't have much of an army - I ordered a 3 boxes (1x wolf guard, 1x wolf pack, 1x SM scout squad) which will form the beginning of an army.

    If I can get to about 1600 points I will be really happy. But it will take some time.

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    Bought a 00000 brush and now just waiting for wolves and paints to arrive. Here is what I hope to achieve:

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    Those eyes look great. With good-quality brushes you can do that with a 0 or a 00, in some ways more easily since the paint won't dry out so quickly on the bristles (big problem sometimes with teeny tiny brushes).


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    If you can paint those eyes on a SW head I'll be suitably impressed
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    If I can paint something close to that on a head I will be thoroughly impressed... big problem - I think that the Marauder heads I have for my SW scout conversions are actually smaller than the space wolves heads. I need to get a couple spare bare heads to practice my eyes on I think.

    I haven't even figured out how I'm going to paint the flesh. My only painted stuff ever is a SM Scout Sniper squad... and they are not brilliant

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    Update on the eye technique...

    I think I may have to revise the concept slightly and paint the yellow/gold or blue/ice blue first, then add in the black on top / after. Seems the easier way, I'm struggling to paint such a small surface. Perhaps I need a pair of jeweller's goggles or something.

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