My first major conversion project, an Ork Bomma
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Thread: My first major conversion project, an Ork Bomma

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    Default My first major conversion project, an Ork Bomma

    Front end made with plasticard (my first time using it, I'm VERY pleased with the results)

    Big engine i made using parts from a trukk kit and battlewagon kit,


    After i boxed it in with plasticard (sorry for the blur)

    a crazy gunner upside down in the front nose section xD

    The pilot (notice he's holding the flight control yolk in his hand)
    i also used the head from a deffkopta kit from AoBR

    Back gunner (the chain showed in this picture broke off during transport so i had to replace it

    (replaced chain)


    unfortunately i forgot to take pics of the wings when i was working on this,, they really arent that special, a lot of panneling added to it with rivets, and 2 exhausts on each side, they'll be shown below in the full picture shots though.

    my idea for this is actually the grot with a grapple claw pushes the barrels (bombs) out the side hatch, some fall regularly, but the "smart bombs" have grots riding them to the earth, which i will model onto the base.

    and lastly, the crazy ejection seat

    i did a little bit more sculpting to the milliput after these pictures were taken, to give it more of a cloudy smokey effect.

    and lastly, full shots after i've added a red and deneb stone basecoat, and one layer of wash

    If anyone is curious about the colours, my ork clan is bloodaxes, who LOVE camo, even if they don't know how it works, so a lot of this bomma is going to end up desert camo, with lots of reds in it, completely making the camo useless

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    Neat conversion! I love the upside-down nose gunner

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    hehe yeah thats cool, these guys are really crazy

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    Really cool ideas there, ejection seat is a quality idea.

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    I especially like the front end with the big gob on there. Did you just glue down the plasticard or heat and bend it first to get the smooth curve?

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    i cut the plasticard so it blended with the contours of the nose, heated it in water and bended it around the front. then cut a top and bottom piece out to full in the gaps.

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