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    In Advanced HeroQuest, the line-of-sight for projectiles is a bit shite and confusing. It says you should count the squares to the target, but must not count diagonally. Now, the only way i can work this sort of jazz out is with Pythagorean Theorem. Anyone else have any experience with the system and game itself?

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    Line of sight is exactly as it reads there.... and you are right its a little confusing. Basically count one tile out.. then one over then one forward .. then one over... that kind of thing until you reach the target......


    U is you...
    T is target...
    so the distance would be 8....
    does that make sense?

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    Bloody hell. I was thinking about that myself and was hoping it wasn't the answer . Is that, as far as you know, the absolute and definite method as per the game and the company, or is that the way you deal with the lack of guidance?

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    My understanding is that you count one square at a time and can't go diagonal. You don't need to know Pyth. for that you just count, basically a diagonal counts as two, at least that's what it works out to.

    A more realisitic yet not perfect method to measure diagonals is to make every other one cost 2. That is not in the rules though.

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