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    New project, new thread. Although this time I think I'll make this a more generic WIP thread and post pics of both painting and sculpting projects I've got going. After finishing my Nikolya sculpt here:
    I've continued on sculpting a post apocalypse psionic priest. Here's the concept sketch:

    Name:  Top-2.JPG
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    He's meant to be a bit of an unhinged lunatic. Either a priest who couldn't handle that the world ended and he's still in it, or perhaps not even a real priest, a nut who stole the robe and takes it upon himself to purge the world! He's developed psionic powers, but sees them as more mystical. The bandages around his arms were initially an attempt to hide them. He's going to have all sorts of odd items dangling from his belt and his staff, some kind of odd. (Bones, chicken feet, medallions, rosary, pocket calculator, holy hand grenade, and a couple of rats for lunch). Face and head are modeled a bit on Rasputin and / or Charles Manson (a crazy, fanatic look). Anyway, that's the idea, and this is where I'm at now.

    Name:  IMG_2787.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_2789.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_2795.JPG
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    Thanks for looking, C&C are appreciated!
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    that sculpt look stunning, the face sculpt (imo) is looking suitably manic. I look forward to seeing more progress


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    Lots of work done since my last update. I've been busy with work and vacation though so progress has been slow. I got his head attached to the body, which meant I could finish his sash up around his neck. Then added the strap for his bag (man-purse) and the chain for his big book. After that I was able to move on to the beard and hair. I'm still going for a Rasputin type look, hence the straight hair and wicked part down the center. I've also added a few details to his belt (bones, a chicken foot, and the holy hand grenade), and mostly finished the fire effect on his hand.

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    I've still got several things to do. Flames still need a bit of work, hair needs a few strays so its not so neat, and I'm going to try my hand at some dead rats on his belt. Mostly I need to decide what I'm doing for the staff top. Any good ideas would definitely be appreciated. Thanks for looking
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    It looks very good. The sculpt is actually a lot better than the concept sketch. However, there is something about his right foot that I don't like. I can't relly put my finger on it, but it could be that his foot is too far to the right. Or maybe the cloth covering his leg is too thing... Not sure...

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    Whoa, absolutely gorgeous, man! Do you do these for yourself, commissions or to cast?
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    Great work Khavor, I think the sculpting is very tidy - the chains are especially awesome. The edges on the scarf are lovely and sharp. The only crits I would give would be to do some more work on the hair, it is not on the same level as the rest of the sculpt and maybe thin down the edges of the book and satchel. The scarf fringe bits would benefit from being finer to. I am really impressed though buddy.


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    Wow - Khav, amazing work mate. I missed the completion of Nikolya (she went pretty nice as well).
    I have to echo Dogdace a bit, amazing work on the chain (personally ... I never get a solid looking chain sculpt, so probably that's why that took my attention ). Other details are amazing as well. Keep going mate, your sculpting skill is going up for sure - and congratz. Lovely work.
    Cheers, Phat.

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    Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments.

    Sosryet: His leg and foot are very close to that edge of his robe. There's supposed to be a wind pushing the back against the back and right side of his body. But you could be noticing the funkiness with the base of his staff. It imposes a bit on his foot, but its a sacrifice I made to curl the wire from his staff into his foot to make him a bit sturdier.

    Prophecy07: Right now I'm mostly just doing these to challenge myself and do something a little different than painting. I've been fortunate that Hive Trygon at Troll Forged Miniatures liked my first sculpt well enough to cast her, and hopefully this one will turn out well enough to also get cast.

    DFB: Yep, I haven't had a lot of time to sculpt lately and when I do I tend to be a bit heavy handed. Was especially a problem when I was doing the book. It's more noticable blown up than at actual scale, but definitely could be better. The hair I'm not too fond of either, I think it needs more work for sure.

    Phaty:Thanks a lot. The chain was tough. I don't think I could do a chaos warrior covered in chains. I'd need a new system or he would never be finished.

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    Been working a bit, tidying up loose ends and trying to finish up. I did some work on the knuckles and back of the hand, added more flames rolling around onto his palm, and added some to his brow over his eyes. But mostly I've been working on details. Added rats to the back of his belt, and I'm trying a couple of ideas for staff toppers. Did a deer skull first, but it seems a bit too large with the antlers, and out of place. Inspiration hit me reading a magazine the other day and I'm trying to do an Emmy award. I figure he found it, thought it looked cool, and stuck it on his staff.

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    Name:  IMG_2856.jpg
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    Nice Looking work Khavor, that Emmy is tiny! The only thing jumping out at me is that he's a little chinless & the fingers around the staff are very long. Nice & characterful regardless, good stuff There's some very fine detailing on there. Ever considered sculpting 6/10/15mm for the trad. wargaming brigade?

    Cheers, B.
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    Well done I like all those little details, not at least those ready-to-eat rats for lunch - cool idea.

    Looking forward to see him finished.

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    Thanks again for the comments guys.

    DunErwit: Rats, it's whats for dinner! Yumm!

    BPI: Yes, the emmy is tiny, as are the rats. I'm ready to sculpt something bigger now thanks! You also sort of got the ball rolling by pointing out his chin situation. I got a few comments on other forums as well about his beard and hair. I knew I didn't like his beard / head / hair, but couldn't quite put my finger on how to fix it. I'd tried just adding stray wisps of hair so he wouldn't look so neat, more like a lunatic, but couldn't get it right so always peeled them off.

    But, I think everyone was right though about beard and lower lip being the biggest problem spot. So I just dove in and peeled off all his hair, beard, lower lip, and the extra I'd added to his eyebrows. I started back with a new beard that's longer and fuller, and has some motion in it to match the look of his robes. I like it much better, its a very different look. So ... new pic! Totally new look. Less lunatic, more Moses. I like it though. Thinking of leaving him bald ...

    I've also got the emmy on his staff now and am working on adding some parchment streamers, rope, chain, etc. hanging down from it which camouflages his hand a bit, but that'll be the next update.

    Name:  IMG_2896.jpg
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    Good sculpt. The beard is much better like this but it is a bit long for me, I also think the fringes could have some motion, being detached of the robes.

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    looks great khavor, im always impressed by people that can scratchbild like this. good stuff.
    btw, is that a handgrenade in his belt?
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    Very nice. I like the long beard, looks great.

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    A lot nicer expression on his face this time around Khavor, good work

    Cheers, B.
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    I liked the first face also actually: he just looks so crazy and possesed
    tho the second looks more professional and cleaner and completly fits the overall look!
    Good job khavor!

    greets Joren

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    Very good sculpt.
    Could you let us know if it gets casted - and where to buy it? I already have some ideas in mind...

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    Thanks a bunch. I appreciate the help and the comments.
    Dun Erwit: Yes, I be sure to post something here if he gets cast when he is released. I'm really pleased to know you like him so well. Hopefully there are others out there who will too!
    Joren: I agree, I was a little sad to see the old face go too. It was definitely more crazed than the new one.
    SkelettetS: Why yes, that is a hand grenade on his belt. He also has a cell phone now hanging on his staff. I wanted him to be usable as either a post apocalypse model or as a fantasy model with a couple of really screwy items, so I tried to get a balance.

    Anyway, no update on sculpting just now though. He is nearly done, but no pics just yet. Instead I've been struck by the urge to paint! And since I've enjoyed keeping up a WIP so much I'm going to do a paint project here next. I've finally got my hands on the newest Warmachine Cygnar warcaster; Kara Sloan, so she's next up in my workspace.

    I started with the basics, just being sure to get rid of all the mold lines with a file and a hobby knife. I usually like to take a little bit of fine sandpaper to any smooth spots on the model to get rid of the tiny imperfections on the metal. In this case though that wasn't necessary as she didn't really have any smooth spots! Of course I took a few minutes to drill out the exhausts on her backpack boiler.

    I also started her base by just finding a nice piece of gravel from my driveway and sticking it in a little hill of greenstuff on the PP slottabase. I magnetized the base so she will stick in my toolbox by gluing it to a business card magnet, then trimming the excess off and sanding the edges smooth.

    Name:  IMG_2901.jpg
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    The thing that bugged me the most about the model was that she's holding a ginormous sniper rifle in her right arm and the arm is at a perfect 90 deg. angle to her body. It just doesn't look right. The weight of the gun should force her to drop the arm a bit and hold it in the crook of her elbow. SO off came the arm! I cut it off right below the shoulderpad and pinned the gun back on with a bit of floral wire acting like an arm-armature, then sculpted a new arm back in to fill the gap.

    Name:  IMG_2904.jpg
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    After that I went back to work on the base. I whittled down some toothpicks / matchsticks to make some wooden stakes. I drilled some holes in the greenstuff hill and glued them in place. Then I covered the rest of the base, first with a sprinkling of some small gravel, again from the driveway, followed by fine model train ballast to fill in the rest.

    To get her onto the rock I clipped and filed down her tag to leave just two round pegs (one for each foot). I held her on the rock to mark my spots, then ground a couple of holes using a Dremel and a diamond tip. A little epoxy and five minutes later she was on her base (being very careful for those five minutes to be sure she was standing straight up). A little more green stuff helped make sure she was standing ON the rock, not floating above it, and some more ballast helped hide the holes and epoxy.

    Name:  IMG_2908.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_2910.jpg
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    Finally I was ready to prime. I picked black for her because she's mostly armored, and the blues I use go on really well over black. I will have to do a light coat of white though on her face before I do her skin.

    Name:  IMG_2912.jpg
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    That's where I'm at now, more to come ...
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    Looking good, I appreciate the level of detail and photos you've put into showing off this latest project...I'm about to start trying to learn to base my models so it's eye opening to see how people do things. (I've got a Dremel and I NEVER considered using it to bore holes into a rock!)

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