My recent uploads, C&C please!
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Thread: My recent uploads, C&C please!

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    Default My recent uploads, C&C please!

    Hey all, since i finally got off my posterior and joined the site I was hoping I could get some constructive criticism on some of my past minis. The first is my Goff Rokka Warboss. It was fortunate enough to snag a silver at the 09 Chicago GD:
    The second is my Black Templars crusader squad that I entered to the 08 Chicago GDs. As I recall, it got an honorable mention. I apologize for the darkness of the picture, but it is the best one I have at the moment:
    Thanks in advance!

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    That Rokka is cool as hell. Clever idea and very well executed.

    Any way to get some closer looks?

    Also, it would be nice to have the links so we can vote on them.

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    Thanks Vike! I think the images are still waiting for Mod approval, but I was able to find voting links. I'll have to bust out the camera so I can get some closer shots. I think the Templars are still at the local GW, but I know the Rokka is at home
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    great work on both accounts

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    Splendid stuff, and grats on the trophy and HM! Very nice work. I look forward to seeing more.

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    The better half has taken the digital camera with her to Indiana. As soon as it returns I'll have additional pics up.

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    Hurry up and retrieve that camera NOW! I want more pictures immediately, or I will defeat you in hand to hand combat followed by a cheesy one liner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDrescher View Post
    Thanks Vike! I think the images are still waiting for Mod approval, but I was able to find voting links.
    I wonder who which lazy bastard didn't approve those images?????

    oh, that was me.....

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    Some new minis that was able to snap quick pictures of. I'll submit better ones for voting, but in the meantime: Trygon!
    Name:  115_0280.jpg
Views: 402
Size:  95.0 KBName:  115_0282.jpg
Views: 394
Size:  76.8 KBName:  115_0279.jpg
Views: 640
Size:  96.6 KB
    And a quick snapshot of the finished Black Templars "Peregrine" Gunship (count-as Stormraven). More pics of this in my WIP thread
    Name:  115_0283.jpg
Views: 878
Size:  82.9 KB
    As always C&C is much appreciated. Thanks!

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