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    Hello folks,

    I've been looking through some of the amazing mini sculpts on this site, in particular Grytz's Primarch models. Anyone got good links to any tutorials or walkthroughs on how to begin sculpting minis or converting existing miniatures?

    I did my first armour plate 'weld' with green stuff the other day. Man that stuff is sticky!!!



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    Have you checked the sticky thread?

    There are tips in a couple of prior threads that I'm sure are among those collected on how to deal with the sticky nature of Kneadatite, including varying the proportions of yellow to blue to directly affect it.

    On the basic query, a general site search for sculpting and basics will yield a bunch of other useful threads.


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    I'm am not an expert, and my use of green stuff mainly extends to patching seams and adding very very basic shapes.

    However, I've had much better luck with green stuff with a glass of water on the side to wet my tool and fingers with. It helps to keep it from sticking when I don't want it too. I also suggest getting a tool if you don't have one, even just a simple edge for seams. Fingerprints look bad imprinted in green stuff Not that I know from experience....<whistles>

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    If you have the means, I highly recommend a dental wax #5. It's essentially like the GW sculpting tool but more accurate and with a bit more weight to it. Also you can pick up some dental scalers for interesting shapes and fine impressions

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