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    Hello all, I would like to show you my latest work. It's a beastlord for my beastmen army.
    I didn't paint anything in a long time, due to lack of time for my studies, but the new beastmen book and the burst of activity on the Herdstone (the forum I go on the most - come over sometimes, it's a very friendly place!) was a good reason to take back brushes.
    I bought this mini in 2003, and painted it a couple of time. Now I have stripped it to paint it in a scheme shared by all the army. I made a minor conversion, swapping the axes for a cleaver (from the ogre bulls sprue) and a shield (from the chaos marauder sprue).
    For the metals I used a simplified version of the famous Automaton tutorial. Still have to improve the highlights though.
    I have to practice painting eyes on some spare heads, and will probably go back and paint them properly in the future.
    I would really like to know what you think! And here's a ling for voting:

    By the way, big credit goes to mrtn from the Herdstone (and UnderEmpire, and Warseer) for the photo editing and the photoshop lesson

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    Hi Karhu, nice clean paintjob

    You've room to push him further on top of what you've done so far though. That shield is crying out for some contrast. My default would be throwing some Scaly Green in, stippled over with Hawk Turquoise (in the crevices). What's the green you've used to shade? Or is that my eyes Then push the final highlight, particularly the upper most facing top spike of the chaos symbol.

    The cleaver blade looks very flat, a bit of metallic on the cutting edge would solve this. A SMALL amount of gore if you fancy too

    Some very fine, bright highlights to give a glint to the hair/fur would be nice too.

    Degloss or powder the base.

    Put a pupil in his eyes

    I have a soft spot for Beastmen, this is a nice trad example with a seamless conversion. Good work

    Cheers, Beery B.
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    I like it a lot! I agree with BPI, that some verdigris on the shield would really make the shield pop, then maybe add some scratched places of brighter metal to make it look worn. The chainmail and the reds are great. The brown could use a higher highlight, I am a huge fan of subdued highlights, but the GW models seem to be the exception to my rule, I like them better with more contrast since they tend to have a more cartoony effect than more realitic fantasy models....oxymoron I know. A pupil would also be nice . I look forward to seeing more though, and welcome back!

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    Thank you both for your kind replies

    BPI: I guess it's your eye, the shield got only brown glazes . Citadel scorched brown, VMC Hull red (I used it also for the skin, I tried to get a subtle link with it), P3 bloodstone and possibly Citadel bleached bone (I don't have my notes atm, will check). I basically used the colours I had in my painting box, not many greens in there... but I will definitively consider your suggestion. I agree on the cleaver, but I had no clue on how to shade it, since it's flat on his own... the original axe would have been easier to shade, I suppose. Any hint? The base is waiting for some leaves that I have to order from Woodland scenics (a bit of a cliche, but they're nice )

    Mercius: you mean the brown of the fur? I didn't highlight it more because I was afraid of giving too much contrast, as you say. Will try it out. As for the pupil, I found out I can't see properly the eye (despite my 10/10 sight test) when painting, so I will try to get a lens or something similar.

    Thanks again for your nice feedback, I really feel inspired to improve my painting, and that's why I like CMoN community

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    Very gritty and realistic tones on these guys.

    I think these have been some of GW's best stuff in recent years.

    The subdues colors really work with these minis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supervike View Post
    Very gritty and realistic tones on these guys.

    I think these have been some of GW's best stuff in recent years.

    The subdues colors really work with these minis.

    I do completely agree, that was still before the digital sculpting era... I developed a strong distaste for it.

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    good clean solid work, I would tend to agree with BPI as I feel you have a slightly above average table top job on this. Their is a lot of room on that model to just go nuts with and I think if you pushed the details a little more he would stand out perfectly.

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    top mini! highlight more tho! sharp ones

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