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    I'm just now embarking on the start of a new empire army. Im wanting the army to be yellow and black. My problem is my lack of experience with yellow. for my midtone I want to use GW golden yellow. My question is what should I use to highlight and shade this color? also what color could/ should I use for the 3rd color in the set. thanks

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    are you painting from a white or balck undercoat? x

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    I'm not a very experienced painter, mostly tabletop or lower quality...but I can share a bit of wisdom regarding yellow. I learned this painting an ultramarine tank. Never, ever ever...try to paint yellow on top of any other color. Go from white/grey. Yellow is very hard to get coverage with and any other color tends to bleed through. I had based my tank blue...and I fought for hours trying to get yellow details painted over it only to have them stay green no matter how many overcoats I did, finally I painting the areas I needed yellow over with white and was able to get coverage that way.

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    I was using P3 paints btw.

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    Im actually going to airbrush the basecoat on all the models to save time.

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    I got a favoured method of slapping on some yellow. I'd had trouble with yellow paints back in the olden days of insipid paints so took to experimenting. Now I go with a basecoat of Fiery Orange, and blend it up to white through stages of orangey-white. Fiery Orange and white are both strong paints, and don't have the issues in coverage that yellow paints tend to suffer from. The yellow comes from the next stage, Yellow Ink is painted on. Painted as one would a paint, the ink ain't sloshed on as one would apply a wash. All the blended orange-to-white gets turned to orange-yellow. A juicy yellow at that. For a more bleurghy yellow one could replace the Fiery Orange with a strong Brown.

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    You should publish a line of paints that contain "bleurghy yellow"

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    Quote Originally Posted by nosirrahkcaz View Post
    Im actually going to airbrush the basecoat on all the models to save time.

    Yellow is just as trickey to airbrush. I spreay it over a white undercoat and tend to use 4 or 5 coats to cover well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nosirrahkcaz
    Im actually going to airbrush the basecoat on all the models to save time.
    Wise idea! Since you're priming grey I would recommend you start airbrushing white, mostly from above, until the upward-facing surfaces are white and then spray over with the Golden Yellow.

    The yellow be plenty transparent enough to give a lovely yellow on the upper surfaces that are white, while establishing the basic shading on the areas that remained a light grey.

    If you need to highlight further (edges, wear etc.) I would try starting with a mix of the Golden Yellow and white, see how it looks - most yellows work fine mixed with white, without going pasty or overly dull. And because of the added white the coverage is improved a lot, which is almost always a good thing.


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    Macharius Solar Orange is a good base to start from for yellow
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    Quote Originally Posted by mickc22 View Post
    Macharius Solar Orange is a good base to start from for yellow
    The only problem is they dont airbrush. They are so pigment heavy you have to water them down so much its not worth it.

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    Well I went ahead and gave it a go. I used bestial brown, golden yellow, white. the paint looks a little rougher in areas than i like but I think that was mainly do to the sculpt and me not filing it as much as I should have. let me know how I can improve this.

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