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    Question Color Tips?

    Hello everyone!

    I've been a long time lurker on the CMON forums trying to read up as much as I can to improve my minis! I haven't painted many minis yet, but have picked out one I'd like to paint to use in a weekly roleplaying game I play with friends.

    The mini is Almaran the Gold by Reaper. It seems to perfectly capture a templar/paladin type character wielding a magic sword (we are actually playing an oldie of a RPG, it is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Ed.). I'd like to try my hand at NMM but I am not sure what colors to buy to make it happen. I'd like to use either VMC or VGC, whichever would be easier to work with and yield better results.

    The way I'd like to paint him is pretty much the same as AllTerrainMonkey's paint job s/he posted here:

    I like the way they did the gold armor and the blues on the armor, shield, and sash (I am not sold on the blues used for the sword and flame, I think I might try something else). So, down to the crux of this post: which colors should I purchase to try and achieve a similar golden armor with offsetting blues result? I have no paints right now so any white or shadow colors you think I might need are most welcome too.

    Thanks for your help! Once I get the little guy done I'll try and post some pictures if I build up enough courage!

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    I have no idea what colors to use as far as VMC go. If you know what they relate to in Games Workshop colors a popular way to do NMM gold is using bestial brown as the shadows and highlighting up to golden yellow. Not that it is the best example, but those are the colors I used to paint my only attempt at NMM here.

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    Have you tried pm'ing the artist?

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    Hello BCFlood!

    I have some updated photos of ol' Almaran that show the colors much better than the photos I have on here. As far as the paints go, I use MSP's, so I don't know what VGC/VMC's to recommend, but I'm pretty sure there are conversion charts you can find online that'll get you in the ballpark (on a side note, you can always use a handy tool I made for work to find MSP values for any photo you have of anything).

    For the golds, I used 09137 Blackened Brown, 09109 Ruddy Leather, 09127 Uniform Brown, 09155 Desert Khaki, 09075 Buckskin Pale, 09061 Linen White, and 09039 Pure White. It was basecoated with roughly a drop of ruddy leather and three drops of uniform brown, then shaded with more ruddy leather and blackened brown and highlighted up with the rest. 09182 Saffron Sunset was used as a glaze throughout to bring it all together; when it got cancelled in its original triad it came back as 09247 Saffron Sunset.

    For the blues, I used 09115 Ritterlich Blue, 09116 Brilliant Blue, 09099 Clear Purple, 09117 Cyan Blue, 09063 Ghost White, and 09039 Pure White. Brilliant was the basecoat, I think. The clear purple was layered into the shadows to help the blues pop even more next to the NMM. You could also get pretty much the same color effects by using 09188 Ultramarine Blue and 09187 Ultramarine Shadow.

    And, yeah, I agree the sword doesn't work as well as it should've, but he was kinda a quicky piece (you can tell by how much time I had to spend on the base ><).

    So, hopefully those colors help as a starting point for either you to match up to a color equivalency chart to the paints you use, or for someone else who uses more lines than I do to match them up . I'd definitely try putting in darker shadows and brighter highlights on the armor than I did; I was working too hard on smoothness and not enough on contrast. I'll put a picture of a different mini I did in the same vein (even though she's a 54mm) to give you a better idea of how I'd bump it up. Lemme know if this helps, or if you have any more questions! (Oh yeah, and I'm a he).

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    Thanks for the post AllTerrainMonkey! I have exclusively used the Reaper MS paints in the past and was thinking of trying the Vallejo series just as something different, but I think I'll go ahead with Reaper so I can try to better copy you (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!) I think your NMM on both minis looks incredible and your mini stood out when I viewed the posted pics of Almaran. I've never actually tried to do NMM except for a brief class I took at GenCon one year. Thanks for your help and I'll let you know if I have any questions!

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    ATM's wood grain makes me sad inside too...fantasticly done wood grain.

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    It's just a bunch of lines, Mercius . Keep your paint kinda thick, use a good brush, and just randomly draw wavy lines.

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    Aye, I saw your post on Reaper about how you did it, I just can't reproduce it lol.....yet!

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    see told ya, how helpful is he?!!

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    Heh, I actually didn't get a PM but stumbled across this while browsing. Still, PM'ing the artist is always the best idea, I don't think I've heard of anyone on here being completely unwilling to help someone out.

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    that is a nice mini and paint job!

    And a YOUTUBE channel
    Instagram and FaceBook too

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    Guys it is not the paint that makes the difference it is the painter...
    Your blends are to harsh, you can tell the change in color, work on the color transition and use more contrast from between your base color your shadow and your highlight.

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    Er, I don't think the OP posted a pic NightFallArts; which photos are you referring to?

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