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    Question Water Based Acrylic Flow Retarder


    I wonder if there are personal recommendations on acrylic flow retarders in the forum. e.g


    Specifically water based, that do not leave a gloss or finish. Handy for extended wet blending etc., or with further dilution a wash or glaze medium beyond water / Future.

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    yeah, Liquitex is a good product, Galeria do some nice size bottles that provide good value and Golden is another that springs to mind
    you can also use a Matt Medium to create a glaze
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonka
    ...acrylic flow retarders...
    Careful there, you're mixing up two terms - flow aid/flow release and retarder. There's no flow retarder (that would mean to reduce flow, not improve it).

    Quote Originally Posted by Tonka
    Handy for extended wet blending etc., or with further dilution a wash or glaze medium beyond water / Future.
    Those aren't two aspects of the same thing you'll often find, so a single product may not be ideal for doing both jobs.

    In terms of something to help with wet blending you're generally looking at glazing medium or blending medium (but even a standard retarder will help). In the Liquitex line that's basically what they're called, Glazing Medium and Slo-Dri Blending Medium (different from Slo-Dri Fluid Retarder). From Golden, Airbrush Transparent Extender, Acrylic Retarder or Acrylic Glazing Liquid might be used.

    A W&N product that's not made for acrylics is well worth trying for this too, their Watercolour Blending Medium and it minimally increases gloss apparently.

    On the much cheaper side, you could play with something like Floetrol.

    Unfortunately many products that help with blending do increase shine slightly, and the more you add the more this will occur. If you use something that gives you the blending ability you want but there's a problem with the final gloss you can counteract this with an addition of matt medium or other matting agent - custom mixes of products are something a lot of artists use when they want to carefully control a number of different attributes simultaneously for glazes (e.g. 50% water, 30% blending medium, 20% matt medium).


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    spit, water, thinners, flow enhancer, etc.
    its not what you use but HOW you use it

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