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Thread: i just bought a surf shop in Mexico!!!

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    Congratulations Jah - it sounds like come Oct 1 your going to be one happy surfer dude!!! I'm not a surfer at all despite living close to Newquay, surf capital of UK down in Cornwall, I can't swim, I can imagine my balance being pretty shite and I don't say "dude" often enough, but your surfing venture is definately a great sounding job and lifestyle!!!! My challenge to you would be to learn to paint WHILST surfing though - kill two birds with one stone lol.


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    dude that is too cool!

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    speaking of cool, this morning my girlfriend is off to Huntington Beach for the U.S. Open of surfing...
    it's her last trip with Nike before leaving the "cube life" of corporate America...
    four days of hanging with the international reps, watching top surfers compete, going to skateboard contests, touring the Hurley factory, and a mandatory Weezer concert...
    life is hard...

    the Mexican rep. will be there, and we made our first flyers to hand out to all the insiders...
    400 flyers to distribute!!!
    should be a productive trip to advertise our shop, and make some great contacts...

    when she gets back, she has 3 more days of work, and then we start to pack the house, and blow this popcorn stand...
    just in time for the nice winter weather of the tropics...

    it's just me and the cat here this weekend...
    i'm busy finishing up my latest commission...
    he's watching squirrels...
    i'll twist one up, lay down some cat nip for him, then we'll lay back like a pair of stoners and watch that kitty porn video "boobies and kittens"....
    when mom is away, the cats will play...

    thanks for all the good wishes...


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    Quote Originally Posted by jahminis View Post
    thanks guys...

    @Jim:we should try and link up before i leave Portland...
    i'd love to see some of your work in person...

    by the way, the water is 80 degrees, on average, all year...

    That would be awesome.

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