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    CoolMiniOrNot manufacturing Enigma and Gamezone Miniatures!– Product Launches at Gencon 2010

    CoolMiniOrNot is pleased to announce agreements with both Enigma and Gamezone to manufacture their miniatures under license in the USA.

    Gen Con will be the first time miniature fans can purchase Enigma miniatures produced here in the USA. CoolMiniOrNot will have the full line of 32mm Massive Darkness on hand at Gen Con with 2 brand new releases – Oberon and Fiama.

    Enigma is famous for their line of high quality 32mm miniatures which until now have been difficult to obtain outside of Spain.

    CoolMiniOrNot has also acquired the rights to manufacture Gamezone Miniatures in North America and will also present the full line of Gamezone Dark Elves at the booth.

    Dark Elf Sorceress on Pegasus

    Dark Elf Crossbowmen

    Dark Elf Spearmen unit


    CoolMiniOrNot enters DVD market with two time Slayer Sword Winner, Natalya Melnik

    Miniature hobbyists will have seen Natalya’s (Alexi-Z) work on CoolMiniOrNot for years, or watched as she collected two Slayer Swords and numerous Golden Demon trophies. *Now they can get her brand new DVD – Miniature Painting Secrets with Natalya; a 4 disc DVD revealing all her painting secrets! CoolMiniOrNot will have a limited quantity of DVDs on hand at the convention on a first come first served basis. Natalya will also be available for signings at the booth and will provide live painting demonstrations throughout the weekend.

    Miniature Painting Secrets with Natalya

    Natalya will also be signing the 2008 CMON Annual – a beautiful hard cover tome with all the top scoring miniatures submitted to CMON in 2008, with Natalya’s Dark Age Lilith adorning the cover!

    CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2008


    CoolMiniOrNot releases 3 stunning new miniatures at Gencon


    CoolMiniOrNot Elf Hero on Great Eagle

    CoolMiniOrNot is releasing a resin and metal kit depicting a mighty Great Eagle and his Elven ally flying into battle.* Standing over 110mm tall, this huge kit is set to dominate many a hobbyists battlefield and collection.* Limited quantities will be on hand and will surely be in high demand at the convention.


    Also released, renowned sculptor Bobby Jackson’s new 32mm Necromancer.* Complete with pet succubus, this dynamically posed figure rounds out CoolMiniOrNot’s releases of heroes and villains.


    Necromancer by Bobby Jackson


    Finally, the first ever 54mm resin miniature from Dark Age Games’ Masterpiece Series – Lucky will premier at the same event.


    Lucky from Dark Age


    Dark Age Games launches Mongo, Wasteland Warriors and John Woe at Gencon

    While Dark Age Games *is still waiting for the new rule book to be printed (rumored to be a 2 book set with a slip cover, a mockup may be available at the booth), CoolMiniOrNot will have the entire Dark Age line on hand and 3 exciting releases. 2 from the new Outcast faction:



    Immortal Champion– John Woe

    CoolMiniOrNot is the exclusive Gencon retailer for Soda Pop, Kingdom Death, Studio McVey and other lines

    Sodapop Miniatures at the CoolMiniOrNot booth with a ton of surprises. They will have new releases, and will be on hand to demo their new game.

    Cat Priestess by Soda Pop Miniatures, CoolMiniOrNot Exclusive

    Kingdom Death, known for their high quality resin figures, *will be releasing their newest collectors miniature at the CoolMiniOrNot booth, the Forsaken Female.

    Forsaken Female by Kingdom Death

    The English edition of Game Forces Magazine #16 and #17 will be available at the CoolMiniOrNot booth. Game Forces Magazine is a gorgeous magazine totally dedicated to miniature painting, no games, just minis. Hobbyists will find great step by step, tutorials and product reviews of some of the best looking miniatures the world has to offer.


    Game Forces 17

    For the avid sculptor and modellor, the brand new putty from the minds behind Pro-Create; Stick Putty, the 5 minute epoxy putty is quick drying and does not shrink, perfect for multiple uses where Pro-Create is not suitable.

    STICK Putty Info Sheet, Low Res.jpg


    Here are some of the companies that CoolMiniOrNot will be representing at Gen Con Indy 10’ in addition to the ones mentioned above: Studio McVey, Kabuki Miniatures, Clan War, Dark Art Miniatures, Degra Miniatures, Euphoria Miniatures, Knight Models, Maow Miniatures, Scibor Monstrous Miniatures, Smart Max, Red Box Games, Sphere Wars, Valiant Miniatures and Hot Lead DVD.

    So if you like miniatures, you owe it to yourself to stop by booth #826, you WILL be thrilled!

    For press enquiries or interviews with Natalya Melnik, please contact or Chern Ann Ng at 404-861-5818.* Media kits with images are available at Here's some teaser footage from Natalya's upcoming DVD, Painting Secrets with Natalya. 4 discs, with over 30 hours of footage of actual demonstrated painting on camera.
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    I like it firm and fruity!

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    having seen her minis in person, i have to agree with you Chern...
    her minis rock, hard!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chern Ann View Post
    Natalya will be at our booth (826) at Gencon Indy doing painting demos and talking to y'all. Please come by and see the real thing in action, I have to say her stuff is even more amazing in person!
    my mind is just too dirty hahahahahaha

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    I was thinking about going to Gencon this year. I got to meet Borg a few years back, but meeting Alexi might be easier on the eyes.

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    hey met me too....what am i to u puddin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uberdark View Post
    hey met me too....what am i to u puddin.
    Please don't call Vikey 'Puddin'
    Brings Waaay too many images to mind:
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    Quote Originally Posted by supervike View Post
    I was thinking about going to Gencon this year. I got to meet Borg a few years back, but meeting Alexi might be easier on the eyes.
    Want me to put on some make up this year *wink

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    Could you ask Miniaturementor to make movie tutorial with Alexi_Z there ? I think it is only one chance for them.
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    I like it firm and fruity!

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    I actually think she is only a galeon figure for a black Djin or so.

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    Looks very good quality. What sort of price is it going to be please?

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    Hi, I know it's only 4 weeks away for Gencon but is there any chance of a pre-order on this dvd?
    For those of us who can't make it to the event, after all it would help you guy's to know how much interest there is on this item.

    Regards S

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    Wink Indeed...

    I'm also unable to make it to GenCon this year-- I'd love details on this DVD set. Maybe CMoN will have it in their shop for preorder?

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    Not to worry, Gencon Indy is the launch of the DVD, normal sales will begin shortly after on the store on the 10th. The 4 DVD set will be $49.95 (pricing to be confirmed).
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    I like it firm and fruity!

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    Looks nice. Is there any commentary, or it is all music over painting on the discs?
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    Yes, she narrates and explains what she's doing but the best explanation is of course watching her do it.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    wish we had a Gen Con over here
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    Also, will the discs come in a region 2 format?
    Win a copy of WAB 2 in the Irregular Magazine painting competition. Click for more info
    Issue 6 / Autumn '10 out now, includes interview with Nick Kyme and a tutorial from Mr Scream!

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