looking for ultramarines drop pod bits
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Thread: looking for ultramarines drop pod bits

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    Default looking for ultramarines drop pod bits

    hi there. am looking for ultramarines drop pod bits. the small insignia. about 25 to 30. so if you have some or know of someone or group that has. have pay-pal . am build a fortress-monasterie . have download some photos. there are three buildings.the large grey one is no3. the secondl large building in blue no2. and the small blue one is no1.Name:  dcp_0393.jpg
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Size:  96.9 KBName:  dcp_0402.jpg
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Size:  95.6 KBName:  dcp_0404.jpg
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Size:  92.0 KBName:  dcp_0399.jpg
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Size:  93.1 KBName:  dcp_0398.jpg
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Size:  76.3 KB thank you please leave a message on this thread.

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    I have some of those, bits in my unmade Drop pod box. PM you address and I will get them into the post for you. I think I may have a few more bits like this. I will look.

    Dont want anything for them, their yours free.

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    HI I like to thank atacam for his help and if any other people would like to help will pay for these insignia thank you

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    I've got quite a few as I've been scratchbuilding some hellblades from drop pods. I probably have about 10 or so. Shoot me a PM with your address and I'll see about sending them out. As with Atacam, no money needed, just get them out of my house.

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    Sent mine today. Dont worry about postage. I will cover that.

    Just let me know when they arrive please.

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    I'm currently out of town and will send them out once I get back. I'll let you know when they're on their way

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    thank you this will help me alot to finish the build of my wip

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    I found a grand total of 8 lying around the workshop. I've packaged them up and they should be en route today. Let us know when you get them!

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    Name:  dcp_0413.jpg
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Size:  92.5 KBName:  dcp_0406.jpg
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Size:  99.1 KBName:  dcp_0405.jpg
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Size:  100.4 KBHi there . Drescher. thank you for the bits arrived safe. am still waiting for Atacam bits. but hope they will come so. again thank you both . have posted some photos of more models. hope to enter one or both in Golden Demon. if they are any good. please have a look and let me know what you think. thank you

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    Strange they haven't arrived yet. Hmm. Will pop down the post office, as I know them, I just left it there, for them to sort out later for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emperors Soul View Post
    Atacam. they have arrived and thank you .
    Excellent. Took their bloody time! Royal Fail for you.

    Now get using them, and show us the results

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