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Thread: About the size of Griffons

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    Question About the size of Griffons

    I'm planning to sculpt a griffon for my High Elf army. If anyone has one, could you tell me the measurements? Atleast the body from chest to under the tail, and the lenght of a straight wing. And it would also help to know which griffon model you have measured.

    Thank you!

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    When I get home tomorrow I will measure the Eltarion Griffon for you. On a side note: Are you aware that the new starter-set "island of blood" will contain a brand new HE-Griffon?
    Oh, and welcome the the forums ;-)

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    the games workshop stormwing comes in at
    chest to base 1 1/2 in
    tip of tail to chest 2 1/2 in
    wing length is 3 in wing span 5 1/2 in
    if you want pics. pm me and ill see what i can do.
    Fortune favors the brave!!!

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    @littlewolf, if it was this kind of stormwing, I can find pictures for it. Thank you for the measurements. Can you still tell me the lenght of the tail or the body without the tail? I'm sculpting a different kind of griffon, but I'd like to be near the same scale.

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    @Yuggoth: I'm aware of the starter set. I'm building a more unique army out of Mantic's elves, which are amazingly detailed, cheaper, and more elf-like than GW's IMHO. I would have to buy the army book and the complete rulebook anyway when I would expand my army beyond the units of the starter set, so not much money saved there. I also like to practice my sculpting skills so this is a better way for me.

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    Hey sorry so late hope not too late. Yes thats the exact stormwing im measureing. 2in from top of head to base of tail. ( not including the length of the tail. ) again im sorry so late. work gets in the way of my hobby.
    Fortune favors the brave!!!

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    You can buy the griffin from iob for about $10 on eBay, and save yourself a lot of frustration. Sculpting is time consuming and requires a lot of practice. It's a much better idea to start with smaller models you are less likely to burn out on.

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