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    I'm just starting to get some motivation back for the paints and the little soldiers. Part of that process has been forgetting about armies and trying to paint competition minis and just painting. This Crimson Knight from Reaper while not the greatest scuplt has kept me occupied and interested for a little while.

    Its my first go at red and as its armour I wanted it to look nice and hard and shiny. I've also been working on some NMM gold. I've done a little bit more since these pics were taken. Added some darker shadows alon the edges of the armour plates and done a fair bit more work on the helmet and other gold trims.

    Your advice and crits would be most welcome.


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    That's a very good start. The red armour is really nice looking but you'll have to increase your shades a little bit in some areas to make it shine more. The nmm also sounds promising, I'm waiting to see how it turns out.

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    Thanks Cheefly,

    I've attached his shield and will be working that up tomorrow to the same level as the armour. I'll also hopefully get to the steel in the next day or two. I hope to get a few more pics on Friday with it in a stage where I can start adding the little bits of polish and clean ups it still needs like those darker shades and some white points.


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    red can be a tricky colour, very easy to make it look pink or orange, think you pull this off great.
    especially the plates on the legs look really good, easily best part of the mini so far. keep it up!

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    I agree with Skelettets on the leg guards, they look great If you can replicate the lightfall in the rest of the armor you will certainly have a kick-a** model. I would say for now the highlights on the 'not red' area's aren't finished yet, making the whole model look very dark (but I guess you know this XD) Look out with pure white, but it needs some brightning if you ask me ;-)
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    Thanks for the positive comments,

    I'm glad that my efforts at red have come out reasonably. Is there anything I can do to improve the red? I am imagining it lit from the left with the light at about 45 degrees.

    How does the face mask look? I am after an old faded gold/brass effect. I realise that the rest of the gold NMM is not quite working. How do I make the areas that are catching less light work?

    I'll take the highlights up a bit further on the blue also.

    How does the neck area look? The sculpt had no detail there so I have tried to paint it to look like a chainmail hood under the helmet.

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    the mask looks fine to me if you're going for nmm gold.

    As far as "old faded effect" i can't tell from the latest pics. the first of you're latest pics. seem to have little light on the mask when you took the pic.

    From what i'm seeing it looks good.

    the chainmail on the neck is good; looks like it belongs.

    The armour i have to agree with what's been said. Looks good especially on the legs; get that blend (from the legs) on all the armour and your mini will be really wicked!

    Good Luck

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    Some quick and dirty in the hand shots of last nights work on the shield, a couple closer of the face, and my current thinking for his base.

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    Good job, nice colour scheme. The NMM looks really good, and concerning his armour, I can only agree with what has been said above Just the blue doesn't really fit to such a dark, evil character - in my eyes, it's a bit too light and to pure. Perhaps I would give it a brown or umbra wash. The base is looking great so far.

    Apart from this, it seems to me as if some areas are not smooth enough - maybe, because the mini's surfaces aren't clean and even enough. E.g. the back of his right arm bracer, the transition between boots and greaves, or the edges of his apron. For your next mini, try to smoothen such areas with a (curved) file and sandpaper before painting. I know from own experience, that this is a sad and longsome work - especially as you won't be able to access every area so easy -, but this is worth it. Not at least as painting and blending gets easier.

    Nevertheless: Well done so far

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    Thanks DunErwit,

    With the blue I was going for something between blue and green to contrast with all the red. It probably should have been more green and a little less saturated I guess. Its bugged me a bit since I put it on there as not quite being right and i couldn't say why. I think it not fitting with his evilness is it though. I like the idea of giving it some glazes to muddy it up a bit. Thanks for that.

    The sculpt does have some issues and I was a little lazy with the clean up.that was partly because I started him not bothered at all with how he might turn out and mostly because I wasn't sure I'd get him anywhere near finished as I have been struggling to get into painting (or anything) for months now. He's been a bit cathartic that way and helped me rediscover the joy of painting.

    As for the sculpt. The apron thingy is just odd being cloth over a metal plate that joins the armour. Its completely unfinished between the legs and just a real mess. The boots are odd also having armoured toes and top an then a smooth section up the back of the leg that has some very small folds indicating cloth or leather just below the knee, almost like he's wearing armoured stockings. The neck is detailess but quite visible (hence the efforts at faux chainmail) and he's pretty much just rough all over. The shield is nice though. That all said its probably nothing that some better effort in clean up couldn't overcome as you said. I must get myself some of those hook shaped needle files.

    I will also admit that in a few places (some you have mentioned) my painting has been a bit sloppy. Off the top of my head there are some definite tide marks where the little plates on his hip meet the back section of the apron.

    Thanks for the positive about the base. The pose had me stumped for ideas as its quite a nothing one really. I was thinking rough cobbles and a pile of skulls initially something simple to fit with the simple colours I chose. Then I remembered i had some resin bits from the GW basing kit and that became pile of skulls.

    Even with all the inherent issues in the sculpt and the fact that I know some laziness on my part has messed him up a little. I've really enjoyed working on this one and I think I will get him finished eventually. He's probably the first in a series of training wheels minis before I have another tilt at my small but growing collection of old Rackham figures.

    I'm glad you like him.

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    That's true - I also have a couple of minis in my cupboard whose cast and detail quality is quite bad. Cleaning and smoothing them is so annoying und frustrating, that up to now, I never was in the mood to begin...

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    I've done a little more work on the red guy but no photos.

    As a break from him I've been working on a test model for my WOC warriors Nurgle unit.

    After about 3 hrs work. I'm pretty slow but trying to do these guys quickly and hopefully to a reasonable tabletop standard.

    And after another 1.5 hours

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    This looks about tablle top to me ;-)

    Good luck!

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    Hi Stew, I like the mottled/patina effect on the armour plates

    The freehand is looking a little rough Try darklining/outlining it for better definition. So the dark green line that's the main outline goes black. Then a thin black line to seperate the white from the mid brown, the mid-brown from the pale brown, etc. I bumped into the issue painting the shields on my Red Orcs back in January, particularly the Evil Sun design...
    ...the teeth didn't work at all without the black outline NB you'll never get the black to go on with a thin enough line, just get it in the right place & then overpaint the edges with you colours to thin it as far as possible.

    Having said which, any freehand on a TT mini is pushing the boat out, they'll be a nice distinctive unit

    Oh, hang on, there's more coming out of my brain...

    It occurs to me that you could try & apply some of the GiganticDark SM banner tapestry stitching effects to it. CreganTur recently gave it a go to nice effect on a TT piece...
    ...check his WIP thread for more.

    Alternatively a Carlos Ezquerra dashed outline in place of the black outline I described above might help to give a sense of embroidery without spending too much time...
    ...if you see how all of his major outlines have that dashed appearance?

    Or a stitching outline effect more like the seam Jabberwocky painted onto this goblin...
    ...which took me some time to find!

    Are you going to put a wash over the cloak to shade it? Because that'll help to tie the freehand in more than it currently is anyway.

    Keep up the good work

    Cheers, B.
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    Thanks for the comments BPI.

    It is a little rough (esp. in the photo, looks better in the hand), the design ended up a bit skewed. I was originally going to go with a black outline both inside and out but I thought it would be too stark. I dotted the pupil of the eye in black but went over it in the green because it was a bit much. Mind you that might change in the morning when looking at it under better light. I guess if I could get the black to be about a third of the width of the lines I have already it might give the desired sharpness without being overpowering. At the moment the design pops nicely at arms length and looks reasonable unless it is under your nose. Though the darker line on the brown could probably be darker still. I'll give the black a go I guess.

    I think the stitched black outline might be the go if I do. The others look great but seem to much effort to put into a guy who is likely to be lost in the middle of the 3rd or 4th rank of the unit. The unit is 31 strong with a sorcer on Pallanquin and the BSB filling out the ranks to 6x6. I'm planning on doing 2 or 3 different green bases for the cloaks to break the whole unit up a bit and freehand on about a third of the figures.

    And yes the next step is to do some shading and highlighting on the cloak of this guy. I'm going to start with the green and work it up and then try and tie the freehand in with it.


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    Hi another update.


    I'm considering him done. I know no base yet. I'm basing the whole unit of these guys together. Once I get that up to a point where I'm happy with it I might add some shine to the mud on his cloak to make it look wet and maybe a small amount of snow.

    Crimson Knight

    I've done abit on the steel. Hoping to polish that off tonight (it looks better in the photos than for real for some reason) and add a bit more white to the shield and do something abut the bits that look too pink.

    This is where Brther Dieno finished up after a two hour peed paint session with my wife and son. He's up tomorrow night when I'll try and knock him over in about the same time and polish him a bit to see if I can get him up to GD enterable standard.

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    I'm back after a while. Thankfully it was a while painting as opposed to not.

    Here are some final pics of my IOB Rat Ogre that managed to make the finals of the Australian Golden Demon. He's still in the cabinet at the local store where I took the pics. I'll submit him once I get some better ones.

    C&C most welcome.

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    that's one fine rat, looks shabby enough to me
    the water effect is great too but i think you couldve made the base a little more interresting by putting som details in there, or even had the rat itself standing in the water had been cool.

    congrats making the final!

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    I'm really digging that water effect, looks like it's actually shimmering. How'd you pull that off?
    The glowy patch on the ogre is awesome too, solid work. Especially since this sculpt is really a kina clumsy one. Did a propa job of tarting it up!
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