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    Hy! The skin tones on the mini look great! Very smooth...

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    Thanks Alexandra,

    A little more work on the skin.

    Getting there I think. I changed shading colour to a lighter brown but put more on and it seems to have come off OK. There are some issues. The face needs some more work. She looks 70odd or like a guy in drag at the moment. I think softening and shrinking the shadow areas a little will solve this. Her left eye is a bit messy right now and makes her look pop eyed. So fixing that will help too. Other wise her right shoulder and collar bone highlights need blending in a little better and shrinking slightly. I didn't get back to the hands so they need a fair bit of work.

    I might move on to the dress for a while and come back to fix the mistakes and tidy her skin up.

    What do you guys think?

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    Will already asked the question I had about the AB but now I'm trying to comprehend exactly what you mean. You're working with an AB and just doing general base coats for the mini and the base...for an hour and a half? My God man! How in the world is that possible? I'm sorry but I really can't wrap my brain around it. lol!

    But again, I have no idea about how to use an AB. I've always wanted to try but there's no way I'm investing that much money into something I have no clue about and have no one around to show me how to use it. I'd get that figure done in a 10th of a second and probably shoot it across the room when the spray hit. lol!

    Anyway, I think on this gal's face, the sculpt isn't helping you for one. She's sculpted to look more like an old lady. It's not only the hollow cheeks but the hairline too. It's so far back it's like a receding hairline. Those features are going to make life difficult for you. First definitely soften the shading in the hollows of her cheeks and you might even consider bringing those highlights down just a tad. I hate to say that because that's where you need to go but I don't know if you can get there from here or if you have to make a U turn and take that left at Albuquerque. (Sorry had to throw the Bugs Bunny reference in there. )

    Also, I'm hesitant to suggest this but I'll throw it out there and you can kick it around if you want.

    You might want to back up quite a bit more and apply some green stuff - Liquid would probably be enough, especially if you smoothed and blended with a brush and water as it started to set up. Take a long hard look at the cheeks and how they join with the jaw line and come to the chin. The harsher and thinner those angles are, the older she's going to look. Every shade and highlight you add only accents that point. Young women can have great cheekbones but there's still a bit of fat in the face to help soften the angles and bone structure, as age creeps in the fat goes south along with everything else. The collagen breaks down and skin thins, pulling tighter over the bone structure since there is less fat to support it and give it shape. So I'm thinking a small fill would really help, especially if you're going for the HBO series appearance. Mel is very young, pretty and has that bright red hair that someone who attends RAVES would kill for. lol!

    The receding hairline - I'm sorry that has got to GO! lol! That is going to absolutely kill any young appearance when you look at the line of the skull and temples and compare them with the arch of the brow over the eyes. All she needs is a couple of caterpillars for eyebrows to really sell that look. lol! The braid over the top is not a problem, girls style their hair like that all the time. All you have to do is sculpt a little sweep of hair to cover the front of her scalp softly - don't make it look like it's pulled really tight. If you really want to change that appearance, adding a small amount of hair to fall around her face will also help soften the bone structure and battle that old hag look.

    I had to go find! but while the actress has a high forehead, you can see how the softness of the hair (and the hood of the cloak) helps counter that.

    I'm gonna nit pick one last thing. The tree looks really great! It's honestly impressive. But...I'm concerned that the transition from the tree to the face is abruptly harsh. The hills and valleys of the trunk need to be a part of the facial structure.

    I think this is just a fantastic photo with the colors of the leaves and the snow...and if you're not paying attention, if you just give the photo a cursory glance, you'll miss it. But then the brain says...wait a sec...something wasn't right there. So you go back and look and then you see it...hehe.

    But my favorite shot of the weirwood is this one:

    I really like how it's part of the tree, not something that's on the tree.

    lol! Sorry hun, you don't need me blathering on, you're doing a really fantastic job on this.

    And my Dark Sword minis arrived today. You said they were small and delicate. ha! You have a penchant for understatement! They are bloody microscopic!!!

    They're even smaller than the Reaper minis I'm fighting to paint right now. I might bitch about a challenge but I usually end up tackling it with a purpose....these things...well to be absolutely honest now that I have them, the tiny things intimidate the hell out of me. Dammit, I wish I would have realized they were that small before I bought them. I was thinking they are the same size as the Reaper ones. While height might be close, the details are the size of a gnat.
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    The skin is looking very good. I likey
    "we reach for the stars, forever looking to the heavens, our minds filled with wonder and the glory of the cosmic all; stretching the boundries of human knowledge and securing the solar system for the Human Species out there beyond the final frontier so one day our decendants will be as gods!
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    . Andyg

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    Thanks 10.

    Thanks Kath. They are small but not impossible. (The necklaces and chains on her are a little scary).

    Onto your comments.

    Firstly the tree. I know what you are saying. I didn't take enough out of the branch before I started putting the face on and now I'm paying for it I guess. I'm hoping that I can fudge it with the paint, add a little graining and use the colour transitions to make it look more part of the tree.

    On the face, you are on the money. The sculpt is not lending itself to a young lady's face at all. I sculpted a new fringe on this evening and I'm waiting for it to cure, before using some brush on primer. I don't think I'll go for trying to resculpt bits of her face. I've been using pics of one of Jen Haley's paintjobs as reference for placement of my shadows and highlights. She managed to get her to look young enough (though I think she extended the fringe too) so I should be able to too (I think). I need to soften some and erase bits of others and I should be right. And thanks I wouldn't have twigged to the fringe if you hadn't mentioned it.

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    They got her looking quite young on this pic, though its not the best photo so you cant really see how, may be helpful though:


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    Thanks Kris.

    And Kath I forgot to talk about the AB. Am I really slow with that too? For me to base coat the entire mini and the base in 1.5 hours is fast. And a lot of that time is down time cleaning the airbrush out after a colour change. It's sort of paint for 10-20 minutes spend 5-10 minutes cleaning the AB so you can move onto the next colour. I also had some issues with paint drying on the tip of the needle regularly during my session. So you paint for a bit then the paint stops flowing, clean the needle tip with your fingers (Don't) or a cotton swab. Then I bent my needle and had to change it and the nozzle. Then just like with my brush I like to build up in light layers so it takes three or four coats to get the colour built up proper.

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    Hey Stew,

    Well I just had a major moment. Why oh why didn't I think to take a second look at my terrain box?

    First I wish I would have found this when you first posted about the weirwood.

    Second, if you didn't live on the other side of the world, I'd ship it to you. But it would get there probably in a month lol!

    And third, I wish I had come up with the idea.

    Okay onto the AB. That does make a little more sense. I didn't realize you were including cleaning in that and I forgot one has to clean an AB after every color. I still don't see how you can do tiny detail tho.

    Okay, I gotta get working on something. lol!

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    That's a lovely piece of branch Kath.

    Some more progress and I've been fiddling with lights, mirrors and bits of white card trying to get some better photos. These are close to the real colours (too many natural shadows still though but the "white" areas are still a little overexposed. I may have to change the mirrors so they point down on her rather than being level with her and try and light the "white" with the reflection from the card instead hmm... I also need to replace the daylight globe in my other light tent lamp.


    So. I've added some fringe but otherwise not touched the face or flesh. Done some work on the white part of the dress and its pretty close to done. Done the red dress but it need more lights in a few places and maybe some blends tidying up. Done the jewelry again more lights needed in places and the ruby at her waist needs some attention as I seem to have completely misplaced the highlight on it. The hands need more work and I need to do the hair and head band. I think I'll fix the hands, the hair and the headband and then leave her until the base is at a similar level then go back to both for fixes and tweaks.

    Your thoughts?

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    Does she have a sort of texture on the dress or is that just the photos? Whatever it is, it's kinda cool! lol! The red looks great! Excellent work with a tough color but I agree that it could use a few more highlights here and there. I think the fringe you added helps a lot. She still looks a bit on the old side to me but I think you got it to the point where now it's just personal preference. The gold links on the belt absolutely ROCK! Very, very nicely done!!!

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    Thanks Kath,

    I think a few tweaks to the facial shadows and the eyes will fix the old look for good. I think the what looks like texture is either noise from the jpg compression or due to my light being a little strong. Its hard to say as its only visible in the photos. I'm going to borrow Faolan's DSLR for future photos. So I should be able to take pics in RAW format and the SLR shoud be a little better on colours and produce a sharper image. It will be interesting to see as he doesn't have a macro lense. I'm glad you like her.

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    Well, I think that when you paint the eyes, the rest will fall in place. As for the hand, they lack contrast for my taste... you should deepen the shadows more. As for the rest, I agreed with Kath: it rocks

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    Thanks Alexandra.

    I agree the eyes need doing. I'll have to break out my optivisor for those I think. The hands got missed when I deepened the shadows and lifted the highlights on the rest of the skin. I'm bad at that I focus in on one area and work at it until it looks good to my eyes and then run out of time or my eyes get tired and bits get missed. they are on my to do list. In fact I have the hands, eyes, tinting the hair (its a little too close to the dress) left to do a couple of touch ups left to do before I move on to the base. Once i have the base up to a similar level I'll put the two together and make final adjustments as required (maybe a little more contrast in the skin and add a touch of pink or rosiness here and there).

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    Flawless, light and fair skin is young skin, so if lightening some of the shadows doesn't bring her youth out, an overall smoother and lighter skin tone might help.

    Re: tip dry. Soon enough it will become a habit, every time you stop spraying you'll pick the tip, unconsciously. If you don't like using your fingers, you can also keep an old toothbrush/paintbrush in a cup of water/windex/airbrush cleaner or whatever and use that to wipe the tip clean every few minutes. Easier to do it sooner than later.

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    2 weeks and barring a few little tweaks I think she's done. Please excuse the slightly yellow caste, i blew my photo lamps daylight globe and I'm finding it hard to replace. I do have a plan for the final pics though. For these i just wanted to see how it photographed and if any glaring oopsies showed up. Her face looks quite harsh in these because her honker casts massive natural shadows. I have a plan for that too.

    Without further ado the pics

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    I like the overall look of it a lot.

    Just one suggestion: I would mark the eyebrows and lashes a bit more so to give her a more intense facial expression and also to take a bit of the weight of the face shadows... As for the rest, thumps up

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    She looks ok Stew. A few gribblies though.

    The hair and the dress seem to be exactly tthe same red, i would tweak ne or the other abit.

    And her face lacks definition, eyebrows as Alex suggested and some more clear eyes would help.

    And lastly the white seems flat, maybe push the shading a tad more.
    The odds of succesfully finishing this miniature is 3720:1

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    Heya Stew! Looks very nice!!! I agree with what has been said above. Also, since you have snow on your bricks, you're going to want to make them look icy. A little clear gloss applied over the tops of the bricks will help but you can also mix up the snow effects with white glue, only use more glue than snow. Apply in thin layers and let dry and you'll see how much you need to put on to get that icy, watch-your-step-or-land-on-your-ass, effect. You need to fill the spaces between the bricks so they appear more "embedded" into the ground, not just sitting there on top.

    Her eyes and eyebrows definitely need more attention. And that "slash n puff" effect on her dress and sleeves - for years I worked at Ren faire and whatnot and I can sew this stuff along with practically any other medieval garment you want with my eyes closed - you need more of a blue/gray shadow at the base of the white to make it dimensional. Since these bloody things are so freakin tiny, I would suggest painting a blue-gray over the entire piece of fabric then come back and "side-brush" white over only the very top of the puff.

    The tree turned out fantastic and the snow along with the dead folliage is wonderful! You did a really great job on that! The red is spot on! Very well done!

    Carry the torch since I miscalculated my dates and have to drop everything to finish for three days. So no GoT contest for me.

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    Damn this thing is hard to photograph.

    Thanks for the feedback. I have been toying with a tweak to the shadows on the forehead esp. above her left eyebrow. I think i have a little too much of that and a little too much highlight up there. The rest of the face is pretty good but these pics have a lot of naturally cast shadows that are accentuating and expanding the painted ones. I need to get the lights positioned better to eliminate them. I had troubles with her eyebrows the left one has a tiny little jag in the cast that you can't see until you try and side brush it then its a pain. I can try and make them a little heavier. The eye's are just plain terrifying, I'm not sure I can go back there now.

    Hey Mar I think that a lot of the lack of definition in the face is due to the lighting for the photos and the exposure level. More fiddling required for the finals. Her face looks much better in the hand. Eyebrows noted. The eyes are so damn tiny though that its difficult to define them any more than I have (I need more tiny detail practice). Noted on the hair being similar to the dress. I worked on it some what. All I can do I think is go back to the dress and glaze some purples into the shadows.

    Was considering gloss on the stones or at least some of them, I'll add that to my list of tweaks. The spaces do have partial fill between them some more than others. It just doesn't show well in the photos. I was going for ramshackle falling apart. I'm gonna plead the pics on the white part of the dress too. I have the exposure level way down at around -2 on these pics and the white is still burnt. My wife was concerned that the dress looked too blue until she all came together. I started with a white base coat and then washed in some blue grey a couple of times and then side brushed on the highlights and tidied up the edges of the wash with the white. I just can't get it to show with our compact camera's limited settings. Glad you like the tree, I'm really pleased with how it came out.

    On a side note, I've had a tentative offer to buy her (wow). Do you think I should sell? I'm not sure as I don't normally do that and this piece is esp. fragile and the buyer is on the Big island so it transport would be involved.

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