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    I'm just starting to get some motivation back for the paints and the little soldiers. Part of that process has been forgetting about armies and trying to paint competition minis and just painting. This Crimson Knight from Reaper while not the greatest scuplt has kept me occupied and interested for a little while.

    Its my first go at red and as its armour I wanted it to look nice and hard and shiny. I've also been working on some NMM gold. I've done a little bit more since these pics were taken. Added some darker shadows alon the edges of the armour plates and done a fair bit more work on the helmet and other gold trims.

    Your advice and crits would be most welcome.


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    That's a very good start. The red armour is really nice looking but you'll have to increase your shades a little bit in some areas to make it shine more. The nmm also sounds promising, I'm waiting to see how it turns out.

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    Thanks Cheefly,

    I've attached his shield and will be working that up tomorrow to the same level as the armour. I'll also hopefully get to the steel in the next day or two. I hope to get a few more pics on Friday with it in a stage where I can start adding the little bits of polish and clean ups it still needs like those darker shades and some white points.


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    red can be a tricky colour, very easy to make it look pink or orange, think you pull this off great.
    especially the plates on the legs look really good, easily best part of the mini so far. keep it up!

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    I agree with Skelettets on the leg guards, they look great If you can replicate the lightfall in the rest of the armor you will certainly have a kick-a** model. I would say for now the highlights on the 'not red' area's aren't finished yet, making the whole model look very dark (but I guess you know this XD) Look out with pure white, but it needs some brightning if you ask me ;-)
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