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    Good to see you back, Stew! Like it a lot, particularly the freehand and the back/underside.

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    Its been a long time.

    A couple of little teasers of a big job I'm working on at the moment...

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    Great freehand
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Wowsers, great stuff! What are they for?

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    Cheers Guys,

    Oistene. Its a toe, and the knee plates from one of these.

    Another big commission. I'm 3/4 of the way through the legs at this stage. Everything else is cleaned and mostly primed. hoping to get the legs mostly assembled in the next 3-4 weeks.

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    Hey Guys and Gals

    I'd really appreciate some honest feedback features on the two armor plates in the post a few above.

    Being honest myself.
    The freehand skull is done and I won't be changing it . But I'd like to know what could be improved for future projects.
    Same goes for the cloud pattern behind it.
    The edging is unfinished and I can certainly make changes to the bone spines. So any comments on these will be greatly appreciated.

    I really would like some honest feedback on the WIP of the flesh on the Demon face. I plan to blend the edges back into similar reds to the other plate to make it fit better with the rest of the model and make it look like the demon is trying to break free from inside the armors surface.

    Also for sizing purposes the plates are about the height of a 28mm mini and are just a small feature on the overall model shown above. Photos of the assembled legs are on the way as soon as I get the bits up to the point they can be put together.

    Cheers for looking.

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    I'll be honest with you Stew. Your work there is beyond my capabilities so I honestly can't give you any feed back other than it be some really amazing work. The one on the right is done so well I can't tell where the sculpting ends and your painting begins.
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    Cheers Digga,

    Loving your Hellboyesque Orc sculpt mate.

    It really is mostly the sculpt on the demon face shining through. I've added some small touches like the separations around the lip top and bottom and the sun/age spots on the forehead, the rest is just enhancing what is already there.

    To prod a little further I guess.

    How does the colour selection strike you?
    Currently the colours used for the skull freehand will be echoed all over in the boney chaos spikes and spines growing across the armor and edges as seen around the edges of the Skull plate. The blue/purple/magenta tones in the demon face are so far just in that spot. I've been asked to add lightning to the cloud pattern on the larger body panels. I'm thinking of using these tones a little more saturated perhaps for that. There are also small gem stones on the Shoulder armor and pelvis armor where I can use these tones or some of them.

    Is there enough contrast in the flesh?
    I've used glazes of prussian Blue ink (a nice purple leaning deep blue) and Burnt Umber (a deep red/orangey brown). I'm liking the muddy purple that results where these glazes have been layed down together (under the eye sockets and in the forehead creases). I also like how they play out where I haven't done both. One the cheeks (umber) and in the depths of the tears in the flesh close into the facial features (blue). I think the depth they create is quite good. But are the highlights bright enough?

    Does the colour of the age spots look good? Could it be better? Currently light glazes of the Umber then glazed over with the flesh tones a few times. Do you think tinting them toward green might improve them. Do they need to be reinforced (some not all)?

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    There's not much to improve, Stew. If I am to nitpick, which seems to be what you want, the skull could stand out better from the background and there could be more stuff going on - now it is just 'there', it is not doing anything, I you understand what I mean.

    The demon face - the colors are great. Maybe push the highlight jussssst a bit around the eyes. I'd put some fresh scratches in the metal on the edge; since it is old and worn some new battle damage would look good.

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    I'm with Diggs too, I don't think I have an inch of your skill either LOL
    But I would say that since this is a huge piece and those are just a part of the knee, I would leave them as they are and then adjust them later when in place, that way you could better adjust highlights and shadows, and maybe some colour to unify (or not) everything.
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    They both look amazing to me, I honestly thought the demon pad was freehand oo until I saw the unpainted model, its way above my skill level so it's hard to think anything other than wow! To nitpick at it I would say the skull could do with standing out more, not sure how you could go about that though, perhaps if it was a bit bigger and more in line with the size of the demon face, the clouding effect looks great too. Cracking job so far

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    Thanks guys this is what I'm after.

    Oistene and Sicks: Cheers. My wife suggests doing some darker red glazes around the skull to set the background back a little further, kind of a dark/shadow halo. I think in the end I made it a little small, esp. compared to the other knee feature. I had planned to put a metal spike through the temples, but it came out so well I didn't want to ruin it. I think I'll leave the skull itself alone. For the Demon face I'll boost the lights around the eyes as I work up the rest of the fleshy bits. Currently they go to an off white. I'll add a touch of white to that and see what it looks like. Since taking the photo I've retouched the metal to bring back the brass. But I may have been stingy with the battle damage in doing so. Might leave it until it is in place.

    Maenas: Great advice mate. I will tweak the demon face as it's has some areas still needing a lot of work. But I'll leave any major changes until I can see what it looks like in place.

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    I can't wait to see the finished piece though, the thought that this is just the kneecaps boggles the mind!

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    My only quiblle with this is the lack of jawbone for the skull. I don;t know if this was done deliberately or not, but up both sides there should be a connecting piece of bone. Without it it makes it look like the jaw is just hanging there. That is literally the only criticism I can direct at it though (and I'm being picky). The colours and composition are spot on!

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    I'll echo that - a great start on a mind-boggingly big model. The skull is darker than the demon, so you could perhaps go up in highlights on it to make it stand out more, but otherwise it looks great.

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    Kingzerno. I agree the jaw came out a little funky. Partly because I was working very close to this reference.

    The top of the jaw is there in the reference but is hidden by the dark moody lighting and black background and the angle that the mouth is opened at. By taking away the black background on my homage to it I've made it look odd. Something to watch out for next time for sure. It's my aim to be able to branch out from copying reference into original stuff eventually so making adjustments between the ref and the final is a step on the way.

    bgcdazzler: Agreed. The skull currently looks somewhat darker than the demon. I'll be blending in the same red tones around the edge of the stretched flesh to make the demon knee look more like it is the same armor being warped by the demon trying to get out. The red will occupy an area of similar size to the face so the whole thing should start to look a little darker (I hope and I'm also fairly certain). Also I'll be adding some more darker red tone in a halo around the skull which should also make it pop some more.

    Oistene: I've had the basics (leg structure, body shoulders and head) assembled briefly early on before adding much paint. It is an awesomely huge model. I have a 16" diameter cake board for its base to be built on and the top heaviness of it still concerns me. I've also partially assembled the semi finished parts I've been working on and if my opinion (as the painter) can be trusted it looks gorgeous. I will admit I am holding onto bits like the knee armor as carrots to get me through the sheer boredom inducing amount of metal edges and bone that it has aboard.

    I'll try and get some photos of some of the other bits over the next few days.

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    I agree with all the comments. I could see adding some yellows into the reds for more contrast...iirc you did something similar with the pattern on a Khorne demon.

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    The only thing I could say is ...I agree with you wife. The high lights on the knee guard horn growth things look lighter than that of the skull ,this makes it look like the skull is deeper than that of the rim of the knee guard,if you darkened around the skull it would add more depth and hide the missing jaw bone lines ...please donk shank me ,I'm only trying to
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    Cheers Krule and Terrafirma.

    Krule: I'll have to see what it looks like when the whole thing is done and assembled. I've steered away from going too high a contrast on the pattern as it's going to be the predominant feature of the beast purely because it will be almost everywhere. I want it to be seen but not over powering. I think if it has too much contrast the edging and even the bone areas are going to be harder to see. If it looks flat once it's all put together I can certainly glaze some brighter lights on over the top. Just might take an age as there's acre of the cloud pattern (already with much more to come).

    Terra:Its good advice.

    Some more bits of the legs...

    Hip joint. I still need to hit the lettering on this to make it a glowy orange.

    Shin armor. This is getting pretty close to done.

    Rear Pelvis armor. Almost done here too. Need to do the gem in the middle of the brass arrow and a light that is on the bottom side out of frame.

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