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Thread: Stew's WIP Log

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    Nice start on the bathing beauty and nice take on the decloaking ship.

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    Been a week or so.

    Work gets in the way, as does unseasonably fine weather and my push bike. Amongst all of that I managed a couple of short 1-2hr sessions and one most of the day (yesterday) on the Zombie horde. A few photos here...

    Group Shot

    The Bigger Ladz


    Walkers by sculpt

    So a few of these still need clothes sorted out (Notably the runners), but then its on to the details (like shoes and ties and the bits of flesh I managed to miss, etc.) and the tidy ups. Of course the paint mess ups aside they are all a little too tidy for Zombies, so I plan to hit them with a little blood spatter and some dry pigments onces I have the whole group up to speed. I still have 10 dogz in undercoat and 6 runners and 5 lady walkers who have only had work on their skin done. The runners are getting brighter colour schemes to make them stand out (the brown and black ones above will eventually have yellow and black) and the ladies need some different colours than the others. I might actually get most of this batch done before the end of the month.
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    Holy wow man. That's a hole lot of zombies. Great job tackling such a horde.
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    For some reason every time I look at your last post I get the 'Thriller' music in my head!

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    Thanks Demi. I think there are another 80-100 odd to go after these ones (and more due in Feb when the S3 KS gets delivered) and then 30 some survivor figures. Certainly the fastest I've ever painted anything. Kind of liberating to not be overly concerned with the finish. We played a game with then last night. Even unfinished so much better than grey plastic.

    @Darth. Perhaps its the synchronised necrotic arm waving of that last bunch.

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    I think that's it. However. you now have an obligation to paint one zombie in a sparkly red, sequin suit. if you don't you're doing the whole community a massive disservice.

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    I might have one left that could fill that bill. Either that or I'll wait until I get the Season 3 VIP zombies one of them might just fit.

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    Elvis impersonator zombie coming up it sounds like! Lol. Nice work Stewsayer. I was thinking of just leaving my zombies as is and just painting the heroes...i always miss place the grey sheriff survivor in the hord of zombies during the game. Then i see you with them all painted up and i cry at my laziness. Well done.

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    That requires some seriously impressive painting stamina, well done.

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    Great start. These are such a hummy minis!! You have the hard part down, giving the base colors. You'll see that when you'll get to the details, painting these guys is such a pleasure.

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    Damnit Stew I keep accidentally getting fat fingers and unsubscribing from your WIP. Anyway, nice checking in. Looks like your off to a belting start, mate!! Stay busy and I'll be watching!!
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    Its more likely my infrequent updates result in an auto unsubscribe of some kind.

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    Oh that's a hell of a zombie horde! :O Really looking forward seeing them all finished! Btw, have you been working more on that lovely templet bust?

    Keep up the good work man!
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    I started back onto the Templar bust yesterday. I reprimed his forehead with brush on after trying to clean up a sloppy fill line.

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    That's okay stewie! Hang in there! We'll get this thing together. (Yes, I'm still trying to get off this computer and run my errand. So I really do have to go now. BRB! hehe!

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    So mini painting in my household has ground to a halt. But I have been bashing my airbrush on a Slave 1 kit I got a couple of years ago. I plan on getting back into the Zombies and the Lady in the next week or so though.

    Other projects have been rolling along. Back in this thread you may have seen that I dabbled in a little sculpting. My mate has encouraged me to try the digital version out by helping him with a project of his. Its an interesting one. He sculpted a bike and had it printed. I have a master copy that I can hold in my hand. It needs a rider. His client has hand sculpted torsos and heads to use. I'm working on Digital legs and arms based on a stand in digital torso that is pretty close in measurements to the hand sculpted ones. Here's my third or fourth go at the legs (i couldn't get happy with the positions and proportions of the earlier ones) and my first real bash at the arms.

    Got a bit to do especially on the boot. The elbow has some issues on the arm. But overall I'm reasonably happy with it. Any advice or issues you guys can spot and help me fix will be most appreciated.

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    Individually, every piece looks very well sculpted. Something that sticks out to me--and this might be a perspective thing?--but it looks like the arms are very long in comparison to the legs, like he ought to have his torso leaning forward more to accommodate OR longer legs. Otherwise you get a slight gorilla-ish look.

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    Yes the proportions are very very tricky because he is seated and wearing such high boots. I'm not sure but it didn't jump out to me as disproportionate. With the boots I'd add some fairly large wrinkles so that it appears more leather than rubber, but as you say it is still vm WIP. These are really awesome. I don't know the first thing about this kind of stuff, but it always intrigues me.
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    Thanks Guys,

    Sionid, I agree if you imagine him standing upright with arms at his side his finger tips would probably be level the top of his kneecaps and are a little too long. I've been contemplating cutting and shutting his wrists and moving his body forward to solve it. The proportions have been bugging me from early on in the project as even the stand ins my friend provided just don't look right on the bike.
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    Neat-o! I suck at the proportion stuff but maybe a longer thigh or bigger legs? He should be able to put his foot on the ground easily and those arms are looking BIG

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