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Thread: Stew's WIP Log

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    Cheers Maenas. Glad you like it. I'll check out Intergalactica as well.

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    Titan progressing well.

    And got some water and a few other Dread Fleet bits finished and progressed.

    Any comments and crits welcome.

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    Those sea bases are gorgeous and I love the red on the titan. You keep getting better and better.

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    Hi been a little while again.

    Getting close to done with the figure on the Titan, hoping to get it done by the end of this month. Then next month will be the base. Here's current progress on the main focal point the carapace. Sorry for the slightly crappy pic. Still have the iris, the chaos star and the damage to finish.

    And something I finished for myself.

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    Getting ever closer. Hoping to finish the main paintwork this month and the base and its paint by end of next month.

    Here are some slightly rubbish pics of the carapace on its own and in place with the finished Apocalypse Launcher.

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    Looks fantastic mate.
    Especially liking the textures on blue material on the bald guy.
    Love the deep shades of the reds on the titans carapace.
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Cheers Ten.

    I'm experimenting a lot with directional strokes and dots to simulate textures on materials and skin etc. Its a lot of fun. Time consuming at the moment but I'm getting quicker and more accurate at it.

    Glad you like the red I put a fair bit of thought into the layers I used to get that going. Its based in browns and white and then tinted with yellow ink and 3 shades of red ink with a gloss coat to really make the colour pop.

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    Made some more progress on the titan. Finished this knee pad that I posted in WIP earlier.

    I'm pretty happy with the final result. I think it gives a bit of life to the sculpt and conveys the demon trying to rip free of the armour feel that the plate inspires. Should finish the figure this week. And I'm hoping to finish building the base and have it painted by the end of September.

    Also I entered Kraken (the spear guy above) into the state's largest (not saying much as our little island state is quite little and the gaming community is not large) gaming miniature painting comp. He took best in show. I was a little surpised and pretty stoked.

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    1) Congrats on Kraken's win. He's really cool and stylish.
    2) Wowza! Great work on the various elements of that titan. It's going to look amazing when you have it all together! I'm always impressed when someone can tackle a project of that scale without just giving up, but yours is looking really amazing. I'm sure there's a zillion hours of hard work behind it, and I can't wait to see the finished product.

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    Stew do you have a P&P account?
    ​You are ranked 1 out of 9149 artists.
    BloodFather's Axis of Chaos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stewsayer View Post
    No I don't.
    I just checked and I dont have an invite code right now but I think I will after my next submission and you're my man....
    ​You are ranked 1 out of 9149 artists.
    BloodFather's Axis of Chaos

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    Hey stew you don't know me ...well nobody does but wanted to say A BIG CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WIN .ENJOY.AND THE TITAN IS SIMPLY PHENOMENOL.

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    Cheers BAM. I look in on your WIP pretty regularly. I don't comment often as others generally have covered what I would say. Thanks for the kind words.

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    All good brother just definitely wanted you to know I absolutely live your work. Keep on going ill be on here quite a bit more with all this wonderful paintwork mate!

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    Working on the final details of the Titan before getting into the base. Some freehand text on the Gun Barrels and a little more metal work on the powerclaw cables is all that's left.

    So to give you a bit of an idea where the text is headed here is the titans name on its hips done a couple of months ago.

    And the WIP of 1/6 gun barrels. The text on the barrels is 6 of the 7 deadly sins (I left gluttony out cause its to bleeding long).

    It looks better IRL and will improve more once I glaze the yellows and reds over it and do some highlighting on the metal around the black line. So I have 4 left to black line like this (all the text is laid in). Then Glaze the colour over the off white and highlight the metal "edges".
    Those and a few splashes of black/metallic black around joints and some highlights on the metal fittings of the powerclaw cable will see the figure finished. I'll be sure to take some pics of the base on its own before I continue construction. Its a monster.
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    That is EPIC looking man.
    My WIP -
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    ." -Me-

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