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    Skel - My basing needs some work. These photos knock off what detail I did put on the rock. There's some moss and a pool of blood. I certainly will try and break up the flatness more in future. Most of the detail is in the water. I added some ink into it to murk it up and went a little far so you cant see the bottom properly or the little fish I sculpted and painted. It also shrunk some and pulled away from the rocks on th bottom.

    Torn - The shimmer is either due to micro bubbling in the material (totally not intended). Or is an effect of the lighting for the photo and the gloss varnish I used to smooth it out after I cleanded and sanded the top and sides off.

    I'll get him home and take some better photos and submit him. Here's hoping he's my first to go higher than 6.

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    Here's something I'm working on for a Dark Eldar painting comp at my local store.

    I'm trying to get some more contrast into things as a follow up to the Rat Ogre. The jumpsuit hasn't been very cooperative so far but the armour plates are coming along nicely. The edges still need picking out. What do you guys think?

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    Red armour is coming along nicely. I think you need to go darker in terms of shading for the jumpsuit.

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    It's been a while since an update. Been a little busy at work, with christmas and with the brush (yay!).

    I've even managed to get a bit done. My Dark Eldar store comp. entry is nearly done. I've got the palanquin for Epidemius finished (figure to go) and 23 out of 31 warriors are done (less bases). Anyway some photos.

    So left to do on the warriors are freehand symbols as on the palanquin on 8 more cloaks, shade and highlight the cloaks, add some dirt to the cloak bottoms and boots and paint the Unit standard. To finish the unit, paint the BSB and Epidemius (counting as my nurgle sorcerer) and base the lot.

    Any C&C is welcome.

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    I like all the subtle variation on the warrior's capes, many nice ways of doing green

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    I've been quiet for a while. But hr are some pic's of stuff I'm calling done (apart from bases which I'll do once the army is painted).

    As you can see I've been working on some nmm again any comments or crits on it would be much appreciated.

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    Hi Stew! I thought I'd pop in and see what you're up to. I love these threads that span months at a time. The leap forward each time in your painting skill is fantastic to see. I especially like the last couple of pics and your wolf like critters. (I have no idea what they are.) You're doing a wonderful job! Keep it up!

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    Thanks Kathryn,

    I'm plugging away, treating each mini as a chance to improve. The critters are Games Workshop Chaos Warhounds, they were an attempt at rushing through a paint job. Surprisingly they came off pretty well. I think I've spent 7 hours or there abouts on the unit. But as you can see it's unfinished requiring bases. I've backed off trying to get that army complete. The comp. I was shooting for is on the weekend after next and I ran out of time. The mini's I'm working on at the moment are in another thread. I've added the link to my sig.

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    I've had a big weekend. Unfortunately not much progress on the Khorne commission. Though I did almost get through the skulls on the Demon princes loin cloth thingy.

    The Tasmanian State Warhammer and 40K tournament was held this weekend. I was planning on playing with my Warriors (above) but didn't. I was asked a few months ago if I would judge the painting side of things. So not having time to get my guys done as well as I would like I decided to judge. It was an interesting experience. I got to look at 70 odd armies, most of them were done to a good table top standard. There were only a couple of underdone armies where things weren't more than undercoated. There were also several very pretty armies in both categories that made for some really tough decisions for the placings. A few friends were disappointed or down right rotten on my final but oh well can't please everybody. It was great fun talking to everybody about their little soldiers and the work they put in. Next year though if I'm asked do it again (if I'm not playing) I'll be asking to only judge either Fantasy or 40K, both was too much effort.

    Anyway the whole thing has got me thinking about some old and new unfinished business. I'd really like to get the WOC army I was working on done. I have the Hell cannon to go with the Dwarves, a JMD demon, a juggernaut lord, the BSB, 5 marauder horsemen riders and the basing and display board to do. Thats the new stuff that didn't get done.

    Then there are these two where my vision exceeded my abilities at the time. I think they may have caught up though and would like to get these guys finished.

    If I can get it done I'll enter the Giant next year(2012) in GD Oz. But I need to finish the Khorne commission before doing any of these, so I may just be dreaming.

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    Wow! How big is that giant? He looks really cool!

    Judging is tough! I've done it with real horses at horse shows and I get to do it for the first time at a model horse show in October. ACK! lol! Glad you had fun at the event.

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    Thanks Kath.

    I think its somewhere between 5 and 6 inches to the top of the pillar. I haven't had him out of the cupboard for a while. To tell the truth he still scares me a little, he almost ended my painting efforts last time.

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    Very cool idea for the giant, I would love to see that one finished.
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    Few things in life are as fun as discovering a new WIP thread ^^ Love all this, specially the Dwarves which have never really appealed to me before but your colouring really brought them to life, impressed with the time you did the hounds in too, looking forward to an update on the dark Eldar, thanks

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    Thanks BnE I'm glad you like it. I'm particularly happy with the dwarves, I made some strides with them. I think the speed on the hounds was largely due to the airbrush and a nice simple colour scheme.

    The Dark Eldar did well in the comp. she was painted for. Lots of people coming into the store were interested in her and commented on the paintjob. That said she didn't win, but I was happy. Unfortunately she had a little bit of handling and some paint rubbed off. I'll put up some shots of her as is over the next day or two here. But I can't face fixing here at the moment.

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    Great stuff Stew! Really liking the chaos warriors. The lighting effect you have on the giant is killer! Also liking the NMM on that scythe/axe thingy. Super stuff!

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    Pics of the finished Wych.

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    That mini has a very nice look to it, good choice and execution of colours. I like!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stewsayer View Post
    Thanks Kath.

    I think its somewhere between 5 and 6 inches to the top of the pillar. I haven't had him out of the cupboard for a while. To tell the truth he still scares me a little, he almost ended my painting efforts last time.
    I've got a couple of horses like this, where my reach exceeded my grasp. But I figured out one important thing. The horse, mini, or whatever model is NOT going anywhere. If I'm getting too frustrated with it, I just put it away until the skill catches up with the vision. It takes awhile but no big deal, the model will be there when I'm ready.

    So haul it out and take a look. It's possible that not only your skill has improved, but your vision for the piece has changed as well with the improvement in skill. It goes hand in hand.

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    Thanks for the comments. She was a fun mini to paint, the first one I enjoyed for a while there.

    Those were pretty much my thoughts on the giant. I had to put him away before he had an unplanned flight into a wall. Now though I know I can make him look better than I originally planned. He can wait another couple of months though until I have finished the Demons. I think the main thing is that I expect I'll enjoy painting him again now.

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