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    This is my first attemt at painting a mini almost completed, I did start a WIP thread on this a few months ago and tried to add these pics onto that but it wont work for some reason, anyway short of some touch ups this is my effort completed (after a 4 month hiatus! )

    Please give me input as I do want to improve. Thanks all

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    So the biggest thing that jumps out at me is that the axe just looks unfinished (or perhaps not really started?) I'm still working on learning my metallics so I can't provide any expert tips, but at least put some sort of dark wash into the recesses and some highlights on the edges. I think it would also look better if the handle wasn't the same as the blade. Otherwise, I like what you've done with the face and the tattoos and the flesh is pretty good. The hair might benefit from a bit more contrast. Looks good overall though!

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    Looks pretty nice, well done.
    But I agree with gsr15 that the axe's handle should get a different colour and the whole weapon a dark wash. And indeed, the hair lacks some more shadows and highlights - it looks almost flat to me.

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    The photos hare are a little misleading to be honest, possibly the flash/lamp, I will take some pics in daylight and repost as with the naked eye the beard has very definite high and low lights, the axe too is no where near as stark but does need work. Thanks for the input guys.

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    Either way, if it's your first mini, congrats! The skin tone is very well done and the facial expression is captured nicely. I concur with the other posters that your axe looks a bit flat. Fixing that would really make the miniature jump

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    For your first mini i think that it is very nice...
    The colors look a bit flat meaning that the contrast between shadow and light seems to not be there.
    Suggesting would be to add a deeper shadow and then some more light to areas...

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    Thanks, I have added some shading to the beard along with some more highlights, the axe now has a different coloured handle and I have redone the pouches. Pics tomorrow.

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    for your first mini, that's amazing!! would i be fair to assume you are an artist of some kind anyway?

    generally could maybe do with more contrast and agree with the axe handle, otherwise superb, i expect to see great things from you in the future!

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    Definitely a great first mini. I echo what the others said, but theres one other thing I'd like to mention: the base. Perhaps its just cause I love bases so much that I notice it, but right now it's just a little boring. If you look at a rock, it's not just a flat grey. there are all sorts of colors in there from various other minerals, crystals, moss, all sorts of things. What I'd suggest is giving the base a couple washes with color; maybe some green and violet for example. Then paint up your grey again leaving just traces of the other colors. itll really make your rocks look more realistic. Also, you could consider putting some fake grass or something on it. I see the little patch of sand that's there, but it's not too convincing. I do like the set up of the base though, with the two flat rocks, it sort of looks like hes standing on a stone wall or something. Overall, paintings great for your first. Just make sure to pay attention to the base - however don't let it over power the mini itself.

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    Thanks for the input on the base, I agree and will add some more interest tonight. Anyway here is how he looks so far, in some better light.

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    Ok this guy is finished in my eyes, there are a few things I dont like but this is a learning curve and I will put them right on the next one. Thanks for the comments and inspiration folks, I will try even harder next time.

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    Added to cmon
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    For your first mini, it looks really great. The axe's brown handle now adds some contrast, as well as the grass on the base. For the hair, I must admit, I can't see much shading and highlighting, but it might just come from the photos.

    But for your next photos, try to use a more indirect light source.
    The one you've choosen for your 4 final pics creates quite hard and dark shadows. For my taste, light of the other pics above was better.
    If you have to use a flash, fix 1-2 layers of sandwich paper with Scotch tape to the flash (it softens the flashlight) and keep at least 30-50cm of distance to the mini (better increase the optical zoom, if possible). When photographing outside, best not to use direct sunlight (I formerly did the same mistake), but wait for a day with light overclouding (of course, it shouldn't rain ).

    Keep up the good work; I'll go voting now

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    Hi Thetecman, congrats on getting him done

    Nice neat brushwork on display, the paint seems to have gone on smoothly in most areas, If you intend to plough through an army's worth of minis then this'll do very nicely indeed.

    I'd happily see another couple of levels of highlights on this guy though, his hair in particular. Something to keep in mind for next time

    Cheers, B.
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