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    Default my latest sculpt

    Name:  new dwarf.jpg
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Size:  47.3 KBName:  new dwarf 2.jpg
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    here's another copy i've been working on. i chose this one beacause i really like the small amout of detail that is his face and i love the definition on his gloves and elbows.
    as i have said in previous posts, i've been copying existing miniatures in order to learn a few basic techniques. i have, of course, had a go at designing and sculpting my own thing and i'm thinking of starting work on something for next years golden deamon. i'm thinking of a terminator in enquisitor scale might be quite cool.
    anyway, let me know what you think.
    any feedback is always welcome as long as it's constructive.

    thanks for reading

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    Well done, wouldn't believe it's a copy if you wouldn't have mentioned it.

    Who is the original manufacturer - GW? This dwarf looks pretty cool.

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    Right then, fair enough, I'm officially jealous

    You're obviously quite a capable putty pusher James, good work Posting a shot of the mini you've copied from would be nice, help me to see how accurate you are. I was wondering if this guy's hands are a little large but they are gloved aren't they?

    Anyhow, it's your own work that I'm most interested in seeing. Practice pieces have been a nice tease, now I want you to reveal the real deal

    For an international forum I see that we live locally too!

    Cheers, B.
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    good work. a clever idea copying stuff first

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    Really nice work. I love all the sculpts you've posted so far. Agree with BPI though, take the plunge and try one of your own! You've definitely got the skills to do it!

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    Thirded! Let's see something original!
    Blasting forth in three part harmony!

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