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    I am starting to work on some Grey Knights for my Grand Tournement army, I want to do a departure from the usual power weapons you see. I am thinking more in line with the heat hawks from Gundam with the blade of the Force Halberd going from metal to dull red up to white hot on the very edge. I would like any ideas on how to do a smooth transition between the cooler metal and the heated part. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated

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    To start with, find some pictures of folks working metal - I\'d do a google search for those, to get some ideas of what you are working with. Then I\'d start with the lightest color at the tip and work back to the darkest. Once those had dried I\'d give the whole thing a wash of the second or third brightest color cut with a dirty white/creme color.

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    I\'m going to cover this extensivly when I do my Light Sourcing article this summer (what better light source than a red hot sword?) but here\'s the basics:

    Lighter colors should be inside, edges should be darker to give it that glow. Now, the edges do not always have to be black, but it helps give it that volcanic look, if the sword is white hot, a dark red or orange would be good for the edges.

    Ron Spencer loves doing weapons like this (he is also a master of 2D SENMM). :P

    Hope this helps!

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    Default good...

    Good link Chrispy...

    That is a good idea on how to give the weapons an inner glow.

    I\'d love to see that applied to 3d.

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    It depends on how you want the glow to be. If say it was comming from an outside sorce (say someone\'s psychic prowess) it would be hotter on the outer edges as those would have less density, so it would be lighter on the outside, and darker on the inside.

    If you wanted it to be filled with an inner heat or glow it would be lighter on the inner parts and darker on the outerparts.

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    Default Thanks

    You guys gave me some great ideas I have an idea on how I am going to proceed. I will certainly let everyone know how they turn out, unless you will be attending the GT in Houston then you can look for yourself. :D

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    Sivousplay recently put up a good glowing sword:

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    I would point to the second link too.Excellent effect for just forged or inner heated.I think theres a thread somewhere that tells how?

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    Originally posted by Temperance
    Sivousplay recently put up a good glowing sword:

    OMG, I would be doing well if I got an effect half as good Thanks! :D

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