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    By some horrific decree of the Chaos gods, my gaming group came to the conclusion that using our Forgeworld aircraft to play some full-scale games of Aeronautica Imperialis would be a great way to utilize our surplus resin. The rub came in when I want to play Chaos, and yet have no Forgeworld Hellblades or Helltalons to speak of. The solution came in the form of a couple old drop pod kits and some extra plasticard that was lying around. Technically I can make 2.5 Hellblades out of one drop pod kit. I'm currently working on Hellblade number 3, but I wanted to get some feedback on how I might improve things for when I make the jump to the Helltalon. Let me know if you have any ideas. Without further ado, pictures:
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    bloody good build and would love to see a WIP from boxed to finish

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    no help here, look spot on to me. great work!!

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    Great model and id love to see how you do it. - My buisness.

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'm working on detailing up number three. I guess when I start on #4 I'll take pics along the way and get a true WIP going.

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    That is excellent, can't wait to see it done! Well done

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    Scratchbuilding a Hellblade: Part I:

    For all those who've asked me how I converted up my Hellblades, here's the first part of my series on how it went together. First thing, I cut template pieces for the model. Technically, I did this as I went along building the first one and just cut an extra piece for future versions. Here are all the templates I used with a 6" steel ruler for scale purposes:
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    For the first part, I'll focus on the wings. I normally do these first. I used two drop pod fins and the templates shown below. All of the plasticard pieces were cut out of .060" Plain styrene sheet.
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    The red and blue pieces I cut two for each wing and glued them together. They act as spacers at the front and back of the wings to provide stability for the overlays and to give the wing a solid look. The black outlined piece is the spacer between the two wings that I build the body around. I included it in this section as it is also cut from .060" plasticard and I glued two together to get the final piece. I will describe attaching this piece in part II of the build. The Brown and Purple pieces are the wing overlays front and back. One set for the top and one set for the bottom of each wing. After these were all cut and sanded smooth, I attached them to the drop pod fin as illustrated below. (NOTE: you will have to remove some detail from the drop pod fins to get these pieces to fit flush).
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    The detail lining on the wings was done with Plastruct 1/16" HIPS Channel. You may also notice gaps when looking at the wings sideways. I filled those with GS and added some vertical details with more 1/16" Channel. Next up, the main hull basics.

    Thanks for viewing!

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    wow, legendary!

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