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    Rough list of winners

    40k single: natalya (aka alexi z) gold space wolf, kyle m (the australian) silver grot, nurgle marine bronze (cant remember name)

    40k squad: kyrill (?) gold space wolf squad, lunchbox silver converted vanguard veterans, yurii (aka skeeve) bronze spacehulk terminators

    40k vehicle: a french guy gold forgeworld elysian troop jeep thingy (forgeworld best in show as well), converted killa kan silver (cant remember this one either), mathieu fontaine bronze leman russ

    fantasy single: zach lynier (aka crooked eye) gold bretonnian hero, natalya (alexi z) silver high elf (tigerion?), same french guy as gold vehicle bronze dwarf miner


    fantasy large: lunchbox tomb king gold, dot... dot...

    40k large model: todd swanson (aka tj47) gold (slayersword) lictor, (todd swanson's was so good i didnt even look at the rest of the category)

    LOTR single: natalya (alexi z) gold arwen on horseback, jeff (aka elly3438) silver eowyn on foot, dont remember bronze (sorry!)

    large model: kyle m (same australian) gold ork bust, ansel elgort (me) silver large scale blood claw, ralph (the other australian) bronze large scale kroot

    diorama: same french guy as gold vehicle and bronze fantasy single gold kroot diorama, dave taylor silver empire spearmen regiment thingy (woulda taken regiment easily... too bad), ralph (australian man) bronze "an unfortunate discovery" (?) (empire guy finding ghoul in graveyard)

    youngbloodz: some good stuff, sorry, cant remember names.

    open: jeff (elly3438) gold LOTR fellowship (too bad there is no category for this, could have taken slayer), natalya (alexi z again) silver master of the fleet (?) (chapter master with hammer over shoulder), kyle m (australian #1) bronze "the one that got away" (dark elf assassin chasing enemy into water)

    This was all from memory, not notes and my buddy trying to get it out of my head slowly. and painfully. so if i missed you it was not from lack of caring and is not any affront to your painting

    sick gamesday guys, ill try to get some pics up but im sure yall will beat me to it!
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    Well done everybody, lots of familiar names there I wonder if that commenting kid in the Gallery is going to give me more gyp for only voting one of Jeff's nmm LotR Elves an 8 now that he's won loads with them Well done Elly3438!

    Did you get anything through the first cut Crazyboy? Same to Flunkutron, Necroghast, DVS Design? Where there any other forum WIPers there?

    Hope you all had a great day out

    Cheers, B.
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    yup, with my wolf i got a silver demon,
    my astropath did very well in 40k single. not sure if it got HM but they liked it alot
    my orcs was 'to much destacting from the orc so NO FIRST CUT!!
    same with dark marshal
    but then my ceridan was in the top six for open (I watched them judge it)
    so i guess i did pretty well, not as well as i had hoped to do, but its ok.
    got me a silver. so now i have a gold, silver, and bronze!

    but flunkutron got screwed, he had one of the three best squads there period! squad was a little messed up this year i will put out there. alot of disagreements with the judges from most everybody about that cat this year.

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    Congrats on the silver (I missed that in the list)

    Hopefully Flunkutron got some feedback as to why he didn't do better from the judges. Let's see if he posts

    Cheers, B.
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    Anyone know or have pictures from the regiment first cut? They took it down so fast I had no time to find out whether I made it or not. I painted the big clanrat regiment. Thanks!

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    I got first cut in 40k single with my Ork runtherd from last year. I had the brilliantly genius idea to touch it up a lot a couple days before the show. Still placed the same with the same model in the same category as last year. Oh well.

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    Hi, I'm the "french guy" who won bronze in fantasy single, gold in diorama, gold and BOS FW in 40K vehicle.
    You can already see the dwarf miner and the diorama (in its GD Paris version, it has been modified a lot since april), I'll post pictures of the diorama and the vehicle next week when I'll be back in France.

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    cool, loved seeing your models juan. your buggy was amazing as was your duel, and dwarf was very origonal and colors were very subtle but beautiful
    congrats on all the wins.
    "If you've got what it takes...
    Its gonna take everything you've got."

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    Good thing you finished that model crazyboyae1. great job on the silver, nice seeing you there. Now where did my banana go? JK

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    sorry if I offended anyone.
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    I will agree that there were some great models there and I am glad that I did not have to choose between them. I could think of serveral models that could have easily won the sword.
    I think that your argument would look better if you gave reasons and examples why another model should have won rather than just be upset. Let us know what you think were not advanced technics in the winning model?

    For me there were a lot of advanced technics in the winning Lictor model.

    I saw perfect blends (it is hard to get perfectly smooth blends with no marks: with wonderful color glazes over them (there was a slight second color over the blends, beautiful) , the bugs shells were all shaded with an under color then had a stripe patter that also shaded perfectly from light to dark, shading from one color a different color, weathering with stains, difference in textures like shiny/wet areas for the fleshy parts, and saliva and goo strings, the model tells a great story there is an imperial guard guy with his tool box and tools working on some electrical stuff and didn't quite make it, the feet were dirty from walking around, I can go on...

    Which model did you like better and what made it better?

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    Never mind…
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    thanks for the recommendation.
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    @BPI - LOL!! and thanks

    I agree with Brice; the Lictor was a fantastic model. Todd keeps improving year after year, and he definitely stepped it up once again.

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    Great job, Todd. I would have loved to see the Lictor in person!

    As to who deserved the Sword, I am tired of this argument following EVERY Golden Demon. The Sword is awarded to the entry that is the best, in the judges' eyes, on the day. A different set of judges may have given the awards differently. Having seen Todd's previous winners in person, I am sure that the Lictor is flawless*, and judging fromt he photos it looks even smother than his previous entries, which is very impressive. Judging based on whether or not a technique is advanced or not is ridficulous. My challenge to any naysayer is to attempt to produce a mini that is as smooth as Todd's, with perfect blending and depth. Then you will see that the technique is fairly difficult to master.

    Again, congrats to Todd, and all the winners. Well done.

    *I am using past knowledge to defend the judging. The judges were able to see the minis for themselves, and look for flaws in technique.

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    I put up a bunch of photos from Games day here:

    Congrats to Todd as well - and thank you for your kind words regarding my model!

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    theres me orc first thing
    "If you've got what it takes...
    Its gonna take everything you've got."

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyboyae1 View Post
    theres me orc first thing
    Awesome! Well meet (I was the swedish guy with the Orc warboss on Boar) - I was totally sleep depraved so I hope I came off all right :-). Congrats on your GD again!


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    The quality of mini's at this GD was off the fucking rictor! Elly, Juan, Ansel congrats on your tropies, very deserved. I couldnt stand still the whole time I just bounced back and forth between display cabinets.

    All my entries made the first cut in 40k single, squad, and Open. The one entry I considered a serious contender though (my Avenger squad) did'nt do so hot with the judges. Only 2 of the 5 judges picked one of them up from the display base and scanned them over for a few seconds and quickly put it back down. I found it kinda odd and it made me

    @ BPI, I talked to Tim Lison (judge) and he said the armour "confused" them and I needed to have more poppin' colours. I aint gonna pout though Im already working on some entries for next year and will hopefully do better. It was just cool getting to hear all the comments from people walking by.

    See y'all bitches next year!!

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    thats the spirit dude, and yes it was nice to meet you eric and you too swedish guy. hahaha you looked a little sleep deprived. if i could give you a little feedback on your orc, all that you could have done is phocused on the blends being a little smoother. i didnt exsactly do to well in that cat but i have before and its always on really simple models that i have blended well. with smoother blending you deff could have had a chance to place bro. nice work tho, really liked you models. and ob eric i thought you should have won but what can you do. being creative and outside of the box is rewarding but the judges dont reward it unless its outside of the box but still inside thier box... i guesss hahaha
    next year we are all raping the cats!
    "If you've got what it takes...
    Its gonna take everything you've got."

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