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Thread: Baltimore 2010 Golden Demon - Pictures :)

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    Default Baltimore 2010 Golden Demon - Pictures :)

    I am polishing language and will be adding some few additional pictures in the future. Please everybody, if you have any corrections, additions or names I am missing or confusing yell and shall correct them. High(er) resolution pictures are available if anybody wants them

    PS. Found 1st place Diorama on a different camera and updated it. Updated 40K squad 3rd place
    I seem to be missing all LOTR pictures, or rather none of them came out any good.
    Natalya Melnik took gold in this category with mounted Arwen. This miniature was posted on comon previously as for the rest I don't have decent pictures. Sorry
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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaGeek View Post
    In your 3rd picture, the guy behind you is my dad.

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    Anyone get pictures of the first cut from Warhammer regiment? They took it down before I had a chance to see. I really want to know if I made it. I had the Skaven regiment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sm51498 View Post
    Anyone get pictures of the first cut from Warhammer regiment? They took it down before I had a chance to see. I really want to know if I made it. I had the Skaven regiment.
    I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this, my kid who spend some time by the youngblood cabinet, close to Fantasy regiment, claims that there was skaven regiment in the first cut group. All my regiment pictures were taken early in the morning before they even did cuts.

    *MamaGeek. It was a very cute troll. In fact, it was my favorite mini in this category, but they put it in a corner and I couldn take decent pictures.
    Out of curiosity, what camera do you use? The quality is simply outstanding.

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    thanks! I appreciate the help. I'll hold out celebrating until I see a picture, but I'll trust your kids word for now. That was driving me crazy not knowing.

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    Necro, if you want me to add your Dad's name to my caption, let me know what it is, and I'll be glad to.

    Skeeve, I'm so glad you liked my troll! I've never played Warhammer, and I had never painted any GW figures before. I heard Games Day was coming to Baltimore, which is close enough to my home that I can make a day trip out of it, and I wanted to try my hand at a real competition (first non-local in-person one I'd ever entered), so I went to the Games Workshop website and looked for a figure I liked. I'm a big Reaper fan, and have to admit I really didn't like most of the GW minis, but that troll caught my fancy, which is why I picked him to paint. I just liked him. There was no competitive strategy involved!

    I use a Pentax K100D Digital SLR. The lighting wasn't strong enough in any of the cases to get a good photo without the flash, unfortunately, so I had to use it. That washed out some of the colors, and made the photos lose a lot of the figure's subtle shading, but they turned out fairly well, all the same. When I photograph my own minis for my website, I use a homemade light box and tripod.
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    Coverage from Stuff of Demons:

    Good looking stuff!

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    Yay there are pictures of my ork.

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    Anyone see if Forgeworld had their Eldar Phantom Titan on display? Or any word on when it will be available? The last pics I saw of it were from France GD.

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