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Thread: Vampire Lord WIP

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    Default Vampire Lord WIP

    Hope to get him finished in the next few weeks...

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    Ive got to say, I am going to take away some of this pic for self lessons, primarily the style and blending on the cloak & fine detailing & blending over the armour.

    This makes me mental drool. good work!

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    in one word: wicked!!!!

    The detail you put in such a small mini..... i envy you!!!!!

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    Really good mini. Your blending is very smooth and you nmm is pretty good.

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    Nice paint Belly

    I particularly like the way that the freehand patterning on the red armour & the head tattoo are clear but not distracting. His face is still clear, not overwhelmed. Good!

    The yellow armour doesn't shout metal to me in the same way as the sword blade. It may just be the top photo though. There are a series of parallel white lines running from the sword hand cuff, shoulder pad edging, hair, ear top, other shoulder pad. Also the white end of the shoulder spike. My suggestion is to subtley glaze back some of these whites, in order to concentrate the pure white as metallic glints, helping to sell the armour effect further.

    Regardless, I like & eagerly anticipate the next update

    Cheers, B.
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    ooh this is really beautiful so far, great job! i personally prefer the vamps a bit paler though, but this work out fine too!

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    i really like this so far. the sword is looking very sleak and the reds are nice. your clearly a very good painter

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    Great work, awesome. The shading really is excellent, and the NMM on the sword as well as the details on his bracers and epaulette just WOW!

    I'm looking forward to see it finished

    Quote Originally Posted by Belly View Post
    Hope to get him finished in the next few weeks...
    And how many weeks painting has it took so far...? :-O

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    Wow...I can't even comprehend how you managed to do the freehand on the right arm and the head, just stunning (not to mention the rest of the paint job!)

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    This is looking awesome. Beautiful blends. I do agree with BPI that the gold seems to be needing something...I think it might be too much of the lightest highlight on the edges...the shoulder pads is mainly what I see. The sword looks wonderful...and I'm loving the freehand on the armour....I'd love to see a mini-tutorial on how to do that kind of freehand.

    Again, beautiful work, can't wait to see the finished model.


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    The skin tone is very tight and well blended, the cape is looking real good so far. I just need to say that the character feels warm and human which is opposite to my feelings on vampires.
    I always expect them to be dark and necromantic always lusting for blood. Beyond that I can say that the paint work is marvelous... The NMM is coming out very nicely...

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    So after painting stuff for other people (which I said I wasn't gonna do, but it seemed to just happen ) I started on the Vamp again... I wasn't too happy about the gold, so I did it again... And finished the head...

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    Just an awesome model, just have to ask. what studio made the model? or is it a scratch build?

    Keep it up!

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    B3rtil, I believe it's one of the current range of GW metal vampire lords. The one with a big wing. With EXTENSIVE conversion work. I'm sure Belly will clarify

    Cheers, B.

    PS Oh yes! Looking very nice Belly
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    Cheers BPI, that made a whole lot of sense ^^ thought i recognized it but i could not put my finger on it.

    Great conversion indeed.

    And yes some WIP pics of the conversion would be awesome as well if you have any Belly.

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    it is indead the GW Winged Vampire lord... I took the wing off, and sculpted a head, re-sculpted different parts etc etc

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    I have to say that I found the original gold color just right, the re-do looks good and fine but i have a stronger attraction to the first images.
    All and all the entire piece is at the least a 9.0 on my scale...

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    Hey Belly, ssems to be like you ve used too less cold colours at all. But maybe it`s your aim to make this great conversion not as cold as a vampire should be. It`s just my humble opinion... don`t give it a cent if you wish.

    Can I get a copy of that nice head? It`s looking like my imagination of a vampirehead

    Overall you ve made a great job on this mini so far!
    War is not about glory - War is about victory!

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    inspirational...... ace

    And a YOUTUBE channel
    Instagram and FaceBook too

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    the skin is just gorgeous. The blood trickles down perfectly from the head, do you plan on adding blood to the sword.

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