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    This is real quality...

    We were recently told to attend a Health & Safety course called Manual Handling. Most of you'll be aware of the concept (it's basically how to lift stuff). Well, upon attending the course, we were told that for Health & Safety purposes, we would not be able to do any lifting! Absolute class .

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    I once went through pole climbing school only to be told at the end to never do it, always use my ladder....

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    One of the guys that plays in the Dark Heresy game I GM is the VP of a company that produces hazardous material training, MSDSes, and the like. I told him he should work to get "gamer funk" classified as a hazardous material in the MSDS so game store owners would have to take a course on dealing with it. He told me it was possible and agrees with me on the concept, but I'd first have to "acquire samples" for measurement and analysis. My quest ended there.

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    Tis like getting a safety course on personal training, yet not being shown how to properly lift weights. If you can't observe and correct inappropriate methods, how can you achieve a safer method? (aside from trial and error)

    You know, theory is great in certain instances. Particle Physics comes to mind. Manual lifting...well theory only goes so far. Sometimes you just have to do. Or watch the other guy "do" and have an emergency response team on speed dial.
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