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    Hi Chaps,

    Well I've got Sicarius finished this morning and here are a few pictures of the figure:

    I'm very pleased with how the miniature turned out in the end. Roughly speaking this figure took me four days to paint or the equivalent of two weekends which is fairly quick for me. I don't know if using the masterclass guide in White Dwarf would be considered cheating but I found that certain areas such as the gems and working up the cloak useful. I've also tried to tie certain colours to the figure such as Regal Blue and Space Wolves Grey which was used from the armour to the robes and the banner. Hopefully it looks okay. I was also brave and tried a minor freehand on the inside of the cloak - nothng that sophisticated but this may be the start of me moving out of my comfort zone. What do you lot think?

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    Very nice job overall. The figure is well done and I'm glad you used the helmet instead of the Duke Nukem head. If I had any critiques it would be that the blue seems to look a little flat in these photographs. It may be the pictures themselves, but I'm not seeing much depth to the blue. Methinks I also spy a mould line on the backpack in picture 4. Otherwise, very nice!

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    Thanks for your comments. I think that the approach I took with the blue armour was more of an edge highlight and adding depth to the armour will be one of my challenges in the near future. The mold like I didn't notice until you pointed it out - so there's still some finer points to watch for when I'm prepping my figures.



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    Looking pretty good. Paint seems a bit thick in spots, and like the other poster mentioned, there is a flatness to the color.

    I'd suggest forcing up the highlights a little been more. The gold and the metallics look really nice, as does that little U inside the cloak. Nice solid mini.

    Plus, I like your avatar!

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    Thanks for the advice. Can I ask what parts does the paint appear thick? It's just helpful for me to improve on my next figure.

    In terms of the edge highlights, I stopped at Space Wolves Grey - should I have gone one step further and applied a mix with some skull white?

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    As far as paint thickness, you'll notice in some of the photos where the miniature is under extreme light (the backpack in pics 2&3 and the shoulder pad on picture 4) the surface looks a little bit lumpy as opposed to smooth. That's generally caused by thick paint buildup. The key to that is making sure you are using several thin coats of a color as opposed to one or two thicker ones. That way, even up close, the paint will appear nice and smooth. When I'm trying to do a really nice looking miniature I generally have to put 3-4 coats of paint on a model to get a good solid color. Sure it takes extra time, but the results are awesome. This would also help with the 'adding depth' part we discussed before. instead of doing solid line highlights (which is fine, BTW) you can try adding a lighter color to the mix for successive layers and blend it smoothly to the edge of the armor. It'll take some time to master, but the results will speak for themselves. Good luck, I look forward to seeing updates!

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    Cheers for taking the time to explain where I can improve. I think that I perhaps rushed the banner a tad which didn't help the results on the white. I'll make sure that I slow down a bit when I work on my next miniature.

    I'll also work on a few layers of colour watered down to see how that improves the look of the armour too.

    I've started work on my next miniature - Huron Blackheart and I'll post pictures when I'm done.

    Thanks again!


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