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    Hey guys,

    So some of you may know i've been trying to do some tutorials on youtube, some of you may not :P

    But Last night i tried something new. I hosted an event on blogtv (essentially it shows my webcam, and it has a chat on the side, there is also room for two cams to be on at the same time meaning someone else can "cohost" with me.)

    And, at most i had about 15 people, which was pretty cool. I really only did it to have people to talk to while i painted anyway.

    We went from 7:30 pm est, to 6:30 am est. It was pretty awesome.

    If any of you guys are interested, i'll probably be doing it again tonight, however i have some prior engagements, so i won't be able to start until 10 or 11 om est.

    all you have to do is go to



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    Going to start probably around 12 now :P company over and yah... if anyone's interested just drop on by. Cheers.

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    That's a very interesting idea! I remember Tammy Haye did something similar years ago...but, that wasn't realtime video.

    You should post a schedule!

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    I only saw part of it but it was pretty good. It's nice to have such a talk with people that share their hobby with me.

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    That's a pretty cool idea. Have to try and get in on that next time you do it.

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    Hey, i'm thinking of doing it every friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. Theres also a possibility of doing it just during the day.

    In my case i'm in EST time zone. So, when i said night, i mean 9-10 PM EST

    I pretty much went all night until 5+ in the morning. Theres also room for other people to host video as well (1 cohost) so anyone interested, we can have two videos going at once.

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    this does sound awesome. Why don't you update this thread right before you start broadcasting? When I get myself a working webcam I'd love to join in on the dual thing. I think your painting and my sculpting might give us both some traffic.

    I'm at UTC + 2 so I guess it might be difficult to time it properly though, If I'm not mistaken there is a 7ish hour difference between us
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    I'm CST, so that works for me.

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    Yah chrome uh.. I'm sure we can figure something out!

    and nice hinton! (i like your videos in your thread by the way)

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    Quote Originally Posted by obsidianpainting View Post
    and nice hinton! (i like your videos in your thread by the way)
    Thanks for that!

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    Hey guys,

    I'll be hosting tonight at 11:00 est.

    Anyone interested pop in!

    cheers, Gary.

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    I'll try to pop in tonight, just need to get my mic to work.
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    Mic is only necessary if you also want to host video. Otherwise theres a chat in the side bar.

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    Great, see you then
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