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    Default Thanks to War Griffon

    War Griffon (Martyn) alerted me to this auction in the middle of last week, and I've been keeping a weather eye on it out of morbid curiosity.
    When I saw the finished sale price I really had to do a double take.
    OK I often and honestly admit to being a slut when it comes to mini's and especially nice OOP ones I think that the biscuit is well and truely off the plate!

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    I just hope that whoever bought it enjoys it.
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    I saw this the other day on Frothers.... I don't understand! What makes a poorly sculpted sheep worth that kind of money? Is it a collectors thing?

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    Ah, eBay. Where every once in a while you get a complete nutcase bidding.

    Good luck to the seller on collecting the money!
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    I'd want to believe the bidder made a mistake with the decimal point, but with 12 bids in its history that can't be the case. Madness.

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    Last time I saw this it was at 108.00. Unbelievable!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrmypops View Post

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    THIS IS EBAY!!!!!

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    Other than reading that it's "very rare" I've no idea as to its true scarcity. The couple of blisters of Villagers & Townsfolk I bought didn't have a sheep in with them (and if they had, in place of a Villager, I wouldn't have been too chuffed). I guess once you've collected thousands of minis from a manufacturer getting the last few has less to do with true rarity & far more to do with available budget & grabbing it when Ebay throws one up!

    Anyone with a sack of mangled old lead jammed on that shelf at the back of the shed could do to get digging though

    Cheers, B.
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    When I first saw this I did a little searching on SOL it never appeared on any of the flyers for the villagers & townsfolk but is on SOL as a seperate for those figures along with Barnaby's dog. I can therefore only presume it was quite rare, I have seen other figures go from this range for around £40 namely George and the Dragon but the starting price of this at £99 and £6 recorded postage in the UK was what really struck me because the size of it to be delivered next day signed for would only be half that price!!!

    I have also heard it was offered on the CCM Yahoo group but nobody was interested.

    I think on Wednesday I am going to spend the day going through all my boxes and see if I have one of these and more importantly if I have more than one....
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    It really torques me...I just sold Kongzilla (a huge cold cast and rare model) for about 1/8th of a crappy lead sheep went for.

    It seems I only collect the things that lose me money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supervike View Post
    It seems I only collect the things that lose me money.
    I think most collections only have a value in terms of insurance/replacement value. Actually clearing some cupboards & expecting a decent return seems to me to be a path down which only misery & madness lies!

    Having worked in a comic shop, occasionally buying in collections/random boxes of tat, I can attest to the fact most people's expectations of value/condition are way too high. Of course if you get 20 years worth of pleasure from thinking that gewgaw on the mantlepiece is worth a fortune, perhaps a few days disappointment when the antiques dealer offers a fiver for it are worth it? Even better if you get to pass it on as part of your estate to the jealous relative who's coveted it all these years :evil-grin:

    Cheers, B.
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