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    Default off to Mexico!!!

    hey CMON...

    it' s time to head south for the winter...
    one cold Portland, rain-filled, winter was enough...
    time to get back to the warm tropical waters, and palm tree lined beaches...

    the surf shop is paid in full, and i'm on my way to Sayulita to pick up the keys...
    i'm sure it will be a lot of work, running a fairly new small business that depends almost entirely on tourism...
    luckily, if there is nothing on the agenda for the day, my hardest choice will be which of my 25 surfboards to paddle out on...

    i hope to meet some of you CMON artists down there...
    surf lessons, and cold Pacifico's, in paradise...
    not a bad combo!!!

    surf report today says waves at 4.5 feet, air temp. is 82, and the water is 85
    life is good!!!

    check us out here:


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    Would be awesome to fly out, the temperature sounds sooo nice...

    We are getting 8-10ft for about two days a week at the moment, but the air temp is about 8c and the sea is about 10-12c Still great surf tho :P

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    Good Luck! It must be nice to finally luiving your dream.
    We done done it now. We're finally hitched. We are now the dreaded two headed Roger - Liz - Bunting monster you have all feared.

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    Wierd i was thinkin bout this today!

    And a YOUTUBE channel
    Instagram and FaceBook too

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    I can't even describe how jealous I am! Sounds like a dream come true, I hope it works out for you.


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    You're a really really lucky guy!

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    One day I will join you... Right now, it is Berlin´s Grey Sky with rain and wet shoes... Perfect painting weather, though...

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    Fantastic Jah, I'm really excited for you Not often I hear of someone managing to achieve their dream coming true, well done

    Are you shipping your belongings & flying yourself or driving down in a van/truck? Quite a road-trip I imagine!

    Cheers, B.
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    Awesome. Glad to hear it's all come into fruition man! Have fun, take care, mind the gap and all that, wishing you all the best success in your new venture!

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    damn josh, live the dream!! good luck.

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    thanks a lot everyone...

    we have made the drive from Portland to L.A. without incident...
    the cat spent two days drugged out of his mind for the trip (i hope we haven't turned him into a junkie!!!)...

    we will spend a few days passing out fliers at all the So. Cal. surf shops, and pick up a new board...
    one of Marilee's friends bought us a new Rusty surfboard for the shop...
    very nice!!!

    we will leave the bulk of our belongings in my Mom's garage here in Redondo Beach, and fly to Puerto Vallarta on Wednesday...
    i have to come back every six months for a new tourist visa, so we will slowly move our stuff down...

    i have one commission that i had hoped to finish before i head out, but it's a display piece, so i couldn't rush it...
    so, Tyrant Xerxis will be my first piece from Mexico...
    it will be good to get back to painting in a week or so...
    a two week break feels like an eternity after more than a year of solid, daily, painting...

    thanks again for all your good wishes my friends...
    i look forward to sharing pictures of the new adventure...


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