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    Congrats on building your own universe. Your sculpts are great and it will be nice to see what you produce! Definitely looking forward to it.

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    Sounds like this may have been a good thing for you artisticly. Can not wait to see your work when it is not limited by the GW universe.

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    I do not think you need to step out of the GW universe completely to satisfy your desire to create. In this particular case, the client set the agenda to create a miniature GUO. It is petty by GW but you can see there point - somebody making money copying their exact material. What is to stop you from casting it and selling mutliples? But there is no reason why you cannot create your own "Great Daemon of the Plague" that is purely your own ideas on how a Daemon dedicated to disease should look. If people then buy it and use it as a Greater Daemon of Nurgle, that is beyond your control. You just cannot specifically call it a Daemon of Nurgle.

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    Actually yes you can call it a demon of nurgle, simply by using the orignal name spelling of this demon which is actually "Nergal". Nergal was a babylonian diety who was the son of Enlil. GW simply got it from the existing mythology and changed the spelling.


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    Quote Originally Posted by atgill View Post
    Well...these last days I've been thinking about this issue. And my conclusion is quite simple:

    I agreed to remove the images because, as dfb pointed out, it was a private commission, and maybe my mistake was to make it public. And I agree with you about the alienation of the hobbyist, at least reading their policy was quite alienating. But this is secondary.

    The main reason is all about my positioning as an artist. And this is a thought that was buzzing in my mind long ago.

    I realized something like, "what you show is what you are", artistically speaking of course.

    So, if I keep posting GW imagery - based sculpting, guess what commissioners will keep asking for?

    It is some kind of "easy way" to make a living of what I love to do, because people seem to like GW universe so much. I obviously like it too, is what initially brought my interest to this wonderful way of art.

    But "what I love to do", isn't just the technical part of sculpting, like a human printer. Is also, and mostly, about getting an output to my own ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

    Without these last, I feel I will not be able to call myself an artist.

    And since, like any artist, I do want to make a living of what I love to do, I have decided to gradually step out of GW universe and into my own.

    I've been wanting to do this for some time, and this lucky incident turned out to be the final push I needed.

    So, I am now happily working in some personal projects, and some non-GW related commissions.

    Making my way to be an artist.

    That was damn inspirational. You go.

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    @Atgill - I'm extremely impressed by your positive attidude to this whole thing. Lots of people would have gone on an anti-GW rant, but youve taken the experience and used it as a springboard to something better. Jolly good show.

    I also think the sculpt was fantastic. Keep up the good work
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    Best of wishes mate! Too bad I was too slow to see the end result, loved watching it grow.
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    This is what really pisses me off about GW, 90% of there stuff is someones else's idea. Then they throw this IP crap in peoples faces.

    I say make a demon based on Greed one of the seven sins........I think he'll look like s big fat bloated thing, perhaps with it's stomach split open and it's intestines hanging out......

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    Yeah, or a plague demon or something... maybe with green rotting skin and a huge rusty sword...

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